Thursday, October 28

Facebook will invest $ 50 million in the metaverse | Digital Trends Spanish

On Facebook they seem to be totally serious about the metaverse and for that, they have announced that they will allocate $ 50 million dollars to invest in a research program that seeks to ensure that its development is responsible.

According to the social network, the metaverse will exist with or without Facebook. And in its creation there will be many companies and organizations involved, of which they want to be part; Among others, there will be governments, academics and even human rights organizations whose task it will be to ensure that the metaverse is built “in an inclusive way”.

This $ 50 million will be used over two years of collaborative work with entities such as the Organization of American States, Women in Immersive Technology and universities in Seoul, South Korea and Hong Kong, as well as creative industries organizations in Africa. .

Facebook also says that the metaverse has to meet certain minimum standards in terms of privacy, online security and technology to be more inclusive and accessible. To the extent that this is accomplished, the development of the metaverse “will reduce risks and be done correctly.”

Now, the million dollar question is “what is the metaverse?” Facebook has its own definition of the concept: it is a group of virtual spaces in which people can participate no matter where they are physically located. The metaverse is something like a place within the internet, which can be more immersive than the traditional experience thanks to the use of virtual reality devices.

It is precisely in the virtual reality segment that Facebook has interests, owning Oculus and offering various types of viewers. And companies like Microsoft, Epic Games and even governments like South Korea already have their own initiatives, either to develop their own metaverse or to collaborate with what others are doing.

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