Tuesday, May 17

Facebook will pay us to use its platforms with a virtual currency | Digital Trends Spanish

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, is not giving up on its attempt to launch a homegrown coin.

According to a report from The Financial TimesMeta is exploring the idea of ​​introducing “Zuck Bucks,” a codename for a virtual currency that the company’s customers will be able to use in their apps.

According to the source medium, Meta would be concerned about the decline in popularity of Facebook and the future of its finances, which is why it would be looking for a new way to earn income and attract new users.

For this reason, Meta would like to introduce a central currency system that could be used on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and in the metaverse.

Unlike previous attempts like Libra or Diem, Zuck Bucks would not be a cryptocurrency. It is quite possible that these are in-app tokens that would be centrally controlled by the company.

Sources related to Meta told the FT that the coin could be used in a kind of reward system like a reputation token or social token. Users could earn new coins for positive contributions to Facebook groups or for creating content.

While Zuck Bucks will not be a cryptocurrency, Meta has not abandoned the blockchain. Mark Zuckerberg said during a session at the South By Southwest event in Austin, Texas, that Instagram is already working on ways to integrate NFT into its platform. The executive did not give an exact date for said addition, but assures that it will happen in the coming months.

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