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Facebook will warn users for viewing extremist content | Digital Trends Spanish

Facebook is testing a new type of alerts that will seek to warn users who have recently viewed extremist content.

The platform will also provide confidential help resources to those who think that someone close to them is becoming radicalized.

This information has been confirmed by the company, through its spokesman Andy Stone, who has indicated that these tests are being carried out for now on a small number of users.

Of course, depending on how people’s response evolves, it could be extended to more users.

Screenshots shared on Twitter by journalist Matt Navarra show that Facebook is warning people that “they may have recently been exposed to harmful extremist content,” and warns them that these types of groups seek to “manipulate anger and disappointment” from people.

Facebook is now signposting help if you think a friend is becoming an extremist 😳

h / t @disclosetv

& mdash; Matt Navarra (@MattNavarra) July 1, 2021

At the same time, the social network offers assistance tools to those affected, in addition to incorporating a button to request help from experts.

Finally, Facebook will also ask users if they are concerned that someone close to them “is becoming an extremist”, with the aim of preventing this type of situation.

In this case, users are also provided with tools similar to those described above, particularly advice and recommendations from people who were able to escape extremist groups.

According to Stone, these changes are part of the platform’s efforts to combat hatred and violence within the social network, offering resources and support groups to those who may have been affected.

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