Monday, August 8

Facebook’s metaverse looks a lot like what Ready Player One painted us

Mark Zuckerberg must have certainly come out ecstatic to see ‘Ready Player One‘, because everything he has told in today’s special event seemed a total adaptation of the concepts that presented both the novel by Ernest Cline like the movie that brought that story to our screens.

The creator of Zuckerberg has offered a vision of the future in which the metaverse was the absolute protagonist. In that virtual world in which we will be immersed thanks to virtual and augmented reality glasses, we will be able to do practically everything we do now … without leaving home.

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Zuckerberg posed that future as one in which we will spend a good deal of time — if we want to— in virtual scenarios and with an appearance that we can modify to our liking thanks to the avatars.

He gave a first example with the vision of a meeting with part of his team in the room of a space station, but from there everything made it seem that the metaverse posed an eye-catching way to connect with coworkers, friends, family, and acquaintances, and to share with them all kinds of scenarios, both professional and work and leisure.

Zuckerberg highlighted how “to unlock the potential of the metaverse requires interoperability”, and also made a mention of privacy and how it would be a fundamental part of the metaverse from day one.


In the metaverse we would have that feeling of presence wherever we are, but also the possibility of create personal spaces with unlimited possibilities, and also with the ability to “teleport” from one place to another instantly.


The creation of avatars and the existence of “virtual merchandise” suggests what may be one of the clear ways of monetization of this metaverse. The options certainly seem limitless when it comes to creating content and monetizing it, and Zuckerberg also made an important entry into virtual reality video games.


In addition to talking about the success of established titles such as ‘Arizona Sunshine’ or ‘Beat Saber’ – which already exceeds 100 million dollars in revenue – he spoke about some future video games, including one with its own light: the future version of ‘GTA: San Andreas’ for Oculus Quest.

The whole speech seemed to make it clear that virtual reality glasses – like the Oculus Quest – and the augmented reality – which were shown in conceptual form – were part of a future in which we will continually connect to that virtual world to do practically everything we do today in the real world.


The vision is not new and It is as we said a reflection of the movie ‘Ready Player One’But the truth is that they have been talking about the revolution of virtual reality and augmented reality for a long time without this leap having occurred at the moment.

Maybe on Facebook they are simply preparing us (once again) for that future. One they seem to firmly believe in, and in which they want to be protagonists.