Monday, December 6

Faced with the rise in inflation, the economy lowered rates and extended CER securities terms

According to official data, the weighted average Annual Internal Effective Rate of Return (TIREA) of these securities decreased from 3.9% to 2,9% (above annual inflation) between September and October.

In parallel, Economóa highlighted an improvement in issuance terms from an average of 9.66 months to an average of 10.31 months.

Even so, rates remained above the average for 2021 (2.3%), while terms continued to be below the average (14.73).

It should be remembered that, in general terms, the Ministry of Finance reached in October a net financing of almost $ 30,000 million, equivalent to a refinancing rate of 108% with respect to the maturities of the period. In the accumulated of 2021, the net financing is $ 443,257 million, so the roll-over is 116%.

The projected maturities for the remainder of 2021, for capital and interest for negotiable instruments payable in pesos, total $ 594,883 million.

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