Monday, May 29

FacePhi achieves KISA K–NBTC certification for its technology in the Korean market

FacePhi has obtained KISA K-NBTC certification, a recognition that validates the performance of the identity verification algorithm developed by the company.

This evaluation, carried out on databases, is a set of rigorous tests based on the NIST methodology and based on ISO standards, which guarantee the reliability of FacePhi’s digital onboarding technology for use in the Korean market and in any type of industry.

The recognition has been issued by the National Biometric Testing Center (K-NBTC) of the Korean Government Internet and Security Agency (KISA). To achieve this certification, the company’s identity verification algorithm has been tested for changes in lighting conditions of different scenarios, changes in facial expression, pose and the use of accessories.

This new certificate represents an endorsement for FacePhi APAC, a subsidiary of FacePhi in South Korea, who in just two years of existence has obtained important projects with financial groups, banks and hospitals, marking a milestone in its rapid expansion throughout the Asian continent.

FacePhi technological solutions endorsed by KISA

One of FacePhi’s differentiating elements is its technology. your solutions developed in-house passively analyze more than 10,000 points of the face and convert them into a biometric pattern against which, in future authentications, the selfie taken by the user will be compared. This technique is able to recognize the person, even if they have had physical changes and is not affected by factors such as lighting, changes in facial expression or the use of accessory elements.

The digital onboarding and authentication solutions approved by KISA have been successfully marketed in the South Korean market, not only in the financial field, one of the most demanding, but also in Smart Cities such as Jeju Island, the largest island in South Korea. South Korea, and foreign exchange.

Dongpyo Hong, CEO of FacePhi APAC, stated: “This certification allows FacePhi to be recognized as a certified company both in Korea and abroad and it is a clear example that the company complies with the strict international ISO standards”. In this sense, he added: “Obtaining certifications is important, but, above all, the security, adaptability and reliability of our technology endorsed by clients in Asia such as Daegu Bank, Pinetree and City Labs prevail. For FacePhi APAC, 2022 will be a year of expansion in the financial sector and to continuously offer our solutions to customers in new industries.”