Saturday, September 18

Facua reproaches Consumption for not responding to its complaints about massive fraud

The consumer association Facua has filed 58 complaints with the General Directorate of Consumption in the last year and a half, since the current legislature began and the Ministry of Consumption was created with Alberto Garzón in command. Of these, the management led by Bibiana Medialdea has only responded to six: on five occasions to declare itself incompetent and only once to archive the case.

Facua posted a list with these data, has reproached the Ministry for its ineffectiveness and has demanded “major changes”. “The association regrets that, after its complaints, Consumption does not urge companies to cease practices if it finds that they are abusive or publicly alert users,” he explained in a statement.

Consumer sources indicate to that most of the complaints filed refer to powers of the Autonomous Communities. “With those that are the competence of the Ministry, we act”, they affirm. “It is strange that an organization with as much experience as Facua continues to ask the Ministry.” They recall that there is a draft in progress to provide the Ministry with sanctioning capacity, but that until the legal reform is approved they will not be able to act in certain cases because the competence is autonomous.

Facua’s 58 complaints, filed from January 17 to August 24, were directed at a total of 85 companies, including 33 airlines, 13 energy companies, five telecos, four banks and three insurers. For example, Facua has denounced several airlines (Air Europa, KLM, Latam Airlines, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, Transavia, United Airlines and Aer Lingus) for failing to comply with the cancellation regulations, Ryanair and Lucera for misleading advertising, Vodafone and Movistar for price increases and ‘miracle’ products that sell teeth whitening strips or meshes that eliminate cellulite. The ministry has declared itself incompetent in these last cases, as well as in a complaint to the sandals store of dropshipping Swnem for breaching the LSSI.

The complaint that the ministry filed was the one that Facua made to the makeup brand Krash for its “Sugar Daddy” product. The association accused him of whitewashing prostitution. The company recalled the product from the market.

“This Sunday marks the 600th day of Alberto Garzón’s inauguration as Minister of Consumption. Facua hopes that he will undertake significant changes in the operation of his General Directorate of Consumption, so that it becomes an effective body in the fight against fraud and transparent in their actions “, emphasizes the consumer association. Facua has submitted a new letter to the Directorate to request information on all these unanswered complaints.

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