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Fail: bought a Galaxy Z Fold 4, and it broke 5 hours later. | Digital Trends Spanish

The Galaxy ZFold 4 it was revealed earlier this month with Samsung promising it can last over 200,000 folds, but that wasn’t the case for one customer. Posted on Reddit, user u/Merzo1290 shared an image of his new Fold 4 which had broken just five hours after picking it up. According to the poster, they opened the Fold 4 just once, heard a snap, and saw a devastating crack directly in the middle of the hinge.

The broken Fold 4 was at least able to call a local Samsung support center, so it wasn’t entirely useless after the break. As many have echoed in the comments section, this scenario is the fear of all device owners. Fortunately, the problem seems to have been identified as an issue regarding faulty UTG (ultra-thin glass). While it’s obviously not ideal, fans can take a bit of comfort in the fact that it’s not a new issue for Samsung foldables, so it’s easy to spot. And looking at similar reports with the Fold 2 and Fold 3, these incidents are generally only seen with a small minority of devices.


One commenter notes that the issue has been around since the Z Fold 2, but appears to affect only less than five percent of all devices, based on previous surveys on the Galaxy Fold subreddit. While that number is far from an official report, it may give potential buyers an idea of ​​what to expect when they first unbox their Galaxy Z Fold 4. Five percent is certainly a small fraction of users who experience the problem, but it means that opening a new device only to find it broken isn’t impossible.

It is for this reason that many urge Z Fold buyers to spend the extra money on the purchase to be insured with Samsung Care Plus, Samsung’s official device insurance. Without it, someone with a faulty device may be out of luck depending on exactly how it breaks and other warranty information.

While the idea of ​​a drive breaking the second you put your hands on it is certainly worrying, it’s good to know that both the Flip 4 and Fold 4 come with a one-year limited warranty that covers faulty hardware in any case. the United States. This means that if a similar incident happens to you with the UTG, you will likely get a new device for free. That said, be sure to look up the specific warranty information you received at the time of purchase so you know for sure what is and isn’t covered in your region.

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