Wednesday, February 21

“Fair homologation”, the claim of professionals with foreign degrees in the face of delays in the process

To the cry of “we want a fair homologation, enough of lies” and “the law protects us and you do not respect us”, dozens of professionals with foreign degrees, bet this Friday outside the Ministry of Universities led by Joan Subirats, to denounce the delays in the process of homologation of university careers.

With banners and banners, young foreigners —most of them— demanded the homologation of their titles to carry out their studies in Spain. “I feel like my life has been on pause for five years, that I’m not moving forward,” says Luciana Boglione, a 29-year-old Argentine dentist. She registered her documents in this process in 2017 and, to date, she does not have a resolution that declares that she can practice in her profession. “We have a lot to offer, in the end what we want is to work in an area that is still related to health,” she says.

Luciana has had to work these years as a dental assistant, despite having the required studies to occupy the position of dentist. Her “desire to continue doing something related” to the profession has not diminished despite the obstacles that arise.

“Liars. Ministry, listen, six months? Lie! The law protects us and you do not respect it”, says Janilka Tola through a megaphone. She is a psychologist by profession. She arrived in Spain from Bolivia and began the homologation process for her. “They told me that it would be resolved in a maximum of six months, that I should not worry, that is how long it takes”, however, the process has already been going on for five years and still does not have a favorable resolution. Janilka points out that there is no single criterion for homologation of qualifications among professionals who have studied the same degree at the same university and in the same country.

“I come from Girona just to protest. This situation affects me too much since by closing the doors to us as professionals they are limiting our jobs. What can we work on? Caring for the elderly, being floor, plant, bar waiters. What other options do they give us? They don’t let us work and that violates our rights”, she maintains.

Relatives of the young people affected in this process also joined the demonstration with signs such as: “My daughter has been waiting five years, dentistry approval” and “Please, Mr. Minister, approval now.” The frustration was felt in each song and was reflected in each expression, despite the fact that some of the attendees decided to hide their faces with masks so as not to reveal their identities.

Daniel Barboza, a Colombian psychologist, has lived in Spain for 18 years. Due to economic issues, he preferred to study a distance learning master’s degree in his native country, not knowing that this decision would plunge him into a long wait. “We are demanding approval as the law says, six months. The law is there, you just have to comply with it, ”he says.

In their manifesto, these professionals demand —among others— the recognition of their qualifications considering the “necessary skills from the foreign curricular path”, that they be evaluated in “equal conditions compared to the Spanish professional degree”, which the Ministry of Universities ensure the “transparency of the evaluation criteria” and compliance with the deadlines of the current regulations.

This is the fourth time that professional movements call for a demonstration outside the Ministry of Universities. His claim remains the same: that the homologations of titles be streamlined.