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Fall Guys: arrives with Star Trek, Aliens and Hatsune Miku | Digital Trends Spanish

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout announced its upcoming season today, taking beans where no beans have gone before. Season 2 of the recently defunct free-to-play platform party battle royale is taking the festivities into space in Satellite Scramble. The update will bring some major collaborations to the game, from Star Trek to Hatsune Miku.


Fall Guys Season 2: Satellite Scramble follows a story of the game’s bean mascots leaving their home planet (home of the Blunderdome) behind in search of “intergalactic frontiers.” The new season brings more cosmic maps, minigames, aesthetics, costumes, challenges and more to the title. The minigames are said to be space-themed variations of previous rounds present in the Solo, Duo, and Squads playlists. These come alongside all-new rounds debuting with the upcoming Season 2 launch event.

Confirmed new rounds include:

  • end of tiptoes
  • star chart
  • pixel painters
  • cosmic highway
  • Heroes of Hyperdrive
  • Hex-to-ground
  • space race
  • frenetic factory

Season 2 will bring Spock from Star Trek, the Xenomorph from the Alien series, and Hatsune Miku to the game as skins. Each of these collaborations can be unlocked in the upcoming 100+ Tier Battle Pass, along with other space-themed outfits, emotes, and unlocks.

The journey beyond the stars begins with a launch event on September 15. This event comes with several unlockable rewards that players can earn by earning points in the launch playlist, similar to the recent Sonic the Hedgehog collaboration event. These rewards include:

  • Space Bean Nickname: 200 points
  • 200 Congratulations: 300 Points
  • Satellite Explorer Dog Tag: 500 points
  • Space icon pattern: 800 points
  • Satellite backpack: 1000 points

The new season of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout kicks off on September 15 with a special launch event. The game is free to download for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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