Friday, December 3

False Bitcoin Creator Threatens Witnesses in $60 Billion Bitcoin Case

The court battle between self-styled bitcoin creator Craig Wright and the late David Kleiman won a bizarre episode this week when the fake Satoshi Nakamoto threatened prosecution witnesses while they were on the stand.

The lawsuit involving more than $60 billion in bitcoin is in its third week and Kleiman’s lawyers were preparing to hand over the defense to the judge.

While Craig Wright’s attorney was contesting the testimony of Matthew Edman, a digital forensics expert, Wright used the Slack messaging app to threaten the witness.

Seeing the post, Kleiman’s lawyers asked the judge to warn Wright. “It’s a scare tactic”, disse Velvel (Devin) Freedman.

Last week, US District Judge Beth Bloom ruled that Wright’s comments could be shown to the jury. This is despite the comments being posted on a private channel.

The judge also said she would not admit messages from Wright in which he compared his late colleague to the character Milton in the 1999 movie Office Space.

Craig Wright

Craig Wright is a computer scientist and entrepreneur, he met Dave Kleiman online, and claims to be the creator of Bitcoin.

Now in its third week, the trial will decide whether Kleiman helped the bogus Bitcoin creator create the digital currency.

The fake creator of Bitcoin said that Kleiman played little or no role in the creation of Bitcoin. He has stated on several occasions that Kleiman simply lacked the technical knowledge to make a significant contribution.

Kleiman’s brother, and attorneys representing the estate claim he and Wright worked together to “create” Bitcoin and mine more than 1.1 million coins, worth more than $60 billion today.

They also accuse Wright of stealing Kleiman’s stake in intellectual property rights and profits through a series of illegal maneuvers and document forgery following Kleiman’s death in 2013.

In court, Wright said he wrote the Bitcoin whitepaper himself and only asked Kleiman to help make it shorter.

“If it was a 60-page article full of academic idiots, no one would read it.”

Wright, who is known for telling lies, was adamant and continued to claim that he is the real creator of Bitcoin. When he contradicted himself, he tried to explain that he had been hacked or that he had been misunderstood.

He never managed to prove himself to be Satoshi Nakamoto.

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