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Families of students warn Ayuso: “The last thing that closes and the first thing that opens must be the schools”

The announcement that the only restrictions due to the wave of infections from Ómicron could fall on education raised the spirits this Wednesday of many families in the Community of Madrid, who were outraged when they heard their president, Díaz Ayuso, announce a return to school “of blendedness” in some sections of teaching. The anger was such that at the end of the day a statement appeared demanding a safe return to classrooms and “normally”, rejecting the proposal of the regional leader.

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“It is intolerable that the political authorities are considering delaying the return to school or returning to a scenario of semi-presence after the Christmas holidays, while allowing crowds in closed spaces, most of the work centers continue to operate in person without problem or are reduced quarantines because this variant is different”, They denounce in a statement signed by the recently created Family Union.

“Once again, the classrooms are the only ones for which the closure or reduction of presence is being considered as a measure to contain the pandemic. Measures that directly threaten the well-being of our daughters and sons, in addition to dynamiting any possibility of reconciliation of work and family life Since it has been shown that classrooms are safe environments, that girls and boys are not the big transmitters“, they add.

The families regret that the “incompetent” administration is considering a “failed measure” that would cause “an economic disaster, since the impact on jobs to support care is not an individual problem but a failure as a country.” In addition, they highlight their role throughout the pandemic: “From the first wave, families and teachers have asked that the education of our daughters and sons be treated for what it is, a fundamental right for their development in freedom and equal opportunities, and Therefore, it is considered an essential service: the last thing to close and the first thing to open must be schools. We cannot believe that the only measure that is put on the table is again the possible closure of schools or the move to blended attendance for already vaccinated students, having, on the other hand, reversed the few measures that were implemented last year, such as the lowering of ratios and the hiring of backup teachers “.

The families of students who write the text affirm that they are “unable to do more” and are unprotected in the face of the difficulties of the pandemic: “No measures have been planned to support the closure of schools: nor measures to facilitate conciliation during confinement, nor measures that allow us to take care of our sons and daughters confined by close contacts or positive cases, nor financial aid to face the economic crisis that we are experiencing, nor teleworking during the sixth wave … nothing. home: not taking the children to school in the last days of December, accumulating quarantines, doing home tests to avoid contagions, isolating creatures during what should be the most familiar parties of the year … Always alone, without receiving any help from from no one”.

For these reasons, the Family Union demands “that there be a normal return to school, without delaying entry for a single day, in face-to-face format, in all educational stages”, in addition to the Community of Madrid providing the means health so that this return occurs safely for students, teaching and non-teaching staff and families. “He also demands that the Covid reinforcements lost in health and education be hired again and that” as part of the educational community, we are heard before making decisions that affect us. “Finally, they warn:” If the schools do not open on January 10, we will convene a mass mobilization of families in Puerta del Sol so that our voice is finally heard and our reality made visible “.

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