Wednesday, December 7

Family doctors will join the strike for the emergencies in Madrid and the overload of health centers

Ayuso has accumulated problems in his health management. The Amyts medical union has registered this Tuesday a call for an indefinite strike of family doctors and pediatricians in the Community of Madrid from November 21 due to the “overload of health centers, endless agendas and lack of time to attend patients”. The appeal occurs in the midst of a crisis in the Ministry, with dismissals and resignations in the Primary Care management and a strike in progress due to the chaos in the restructuring of out-of-hospital emergencies.

According to the union itself, “Primary Care doctors join the strike also in solidarity with the colleagues of the Continuous Care Points (PAC) and in the midst of a headless Management, without solutions and with resignations due to the drift of this level assistance”.

4,240 family doctors and 720 paediatricians are called to this call, who will join the more than 200 professionals who are currently on strike, with 100% of minimum services, after being affected by the restructuring of out-of-hospital emergencies. They are, mainly, the toilets of the Rural Care Services, with which the Ministry of Health intends to cover both those 41 points and the 37 old SUAPs that closed in March 2020 due to the pandemic. In addition, emergency workers at the Infanta Sofía hospital in San Sebastián de los Reyes have also been on strike for 12 days.

Care overload, long schedules, with “more than 50 or 60 patients in their working day”, and poor working conditions are complaints that Primary Care professionals have been making for years. In the previous legislature, already with Isabel Díaz Ayuso at Puerta del Sol, a strike was stopped with a plan that the Ministry of Finance finally backed down. The unions then called a new strike, which began the same day that the president called early elections in the Community of Madrid, in 2021, with which the call was interrupted.

“The situation of out-of-hospital emergencies with the chaos experienced in the “opening” of the Continuous Care Points (PAC) adds to the very serious overload that health centers are suffering. In this sense, from Amyts we call this strike to solve once and for all the unsustainable situation of Primary Care and stop the terrible exodus of doctors”, they indicate from the union. Thus, they call on the Ministry to “negotiate a real shock plan to address the problematic situation.”