Sunday, July 3

Famous Formula 1 driver chased thieves with the iPhone | Digital Trends Spanish

A very busy day lived the German pilot of Formula 1Sebastian Vettel, as a group of thieves stole his belongings from a hotel in Barcelona, ​​however, he managed to track them down and track their whereabouts with the Find My iPhone application.

As reported by the BBC, Vettel had his bag stolen outside a hotel in Barcelona. But instead of going straight to the police, Vettel had a different idea. The runner used Apple’s Find My app on his iPhone to see the real-time location of his bag.

Most likely, Vettel had some AirPods that connected as headphones with Find My.

However, the thieves became aware of the situation and discarded the AirPods to take the rest of the pilot’s things.

A bag belonging to Sebastian Vettel was stolen in Barcelona this morning. He tried to find it by using his iPhone to track down his headphones that were in his bag, but when he located his headphones he found them abandoned. and therefore was unable to locate her stolen bag.

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