Saturday, October 1

“Fascists out”: shouts and grabs between police and protesters upon Olona’s arrival at the University of Granada

The far-right politician Macarena Olona has returned to Granada this Thursday to give a conference at the Faculty of Law. Shouted by hundreds of demonstrators protesting against the presence of the former Andalusian parliamentarian, Olona entered escorted by a cordon of riot police. “Fascists out of the University,” chanted the crowd gathered at the gates of the campus. Cries of “freedom” and “president, president” have also been heard from supporters of the former Vox candidate in the last regional elections.

At times the tension has increased, especially at the doors of the conference room, when politics has been surrounded by the police cordon, in turn surrounded by supporters and opponents of Olona, ​​some of whom have been dragged out of the premises by the Police.

The politician, a State lawyer by profession, had been invited by the Forum for Civil Concord to give a conference on the “unconstitutionality of the states of alarm” decreed by the Government during the Covid-19 pandemic. The announcement of her presence provoked the rejection of the Student Union Union (USE).

Through a statement released on social networks, the USE this week rejected the presence of the former leader of Vox. According to the USE, the Forum for Civil Concord is chaired by a former law school professor who is known for signing manifestos such as one against “indoctrination in Catalonia”. From the student organization they regret that the university institution opens the doors of its facilities to “sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic and fascist political speeches.”

With the permission of the dean of the faculty, this forum has organized talks with the presence of Edmundo Bal, Pío García Escudero and Mariano Rajoy. For the USE, this implies that the spaces of the university can be ceded to this type of act, while from the University of Granada itself they put “difficulties”, they say, so that these student organizations can meet or hold similar events in the facilities academic. “This situation is unacceptable.”

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