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“Fascists out!”, the International and a (small) police cordon: this is how they asked in Toledo to remove Moscardó and Milans from the Bosch del Alcázar

There were not many, but the police mobilization was worthy of a massive demonstration. About ten people gathered throughout the afternoon in the Plaza de Zocodover in Toledo to shout “Fascists out!” and request that the remains of the “coup plotters” Jaime Milans del Bosch and José Moscardó be removed from the Alcázar of Toledo. From six in the evening until late at night. Or rather, until the procession of the Brotherhood of the Alcázar, led by Archbishop Francisco Cerro Chaves, passed by.

Double ‘offensive’ by Podemos and IU so that the remains of Moscardó and Milans del Bosch leave the Alcázar

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The Brotherhood of the Alcázar was born, as they themselves relate, to remember those who “suffered the harsh siege of the Alcázar of Toledo, united in the face of danger”. The siege refers to what happened between July and September 1936, in which the Republican forces were concentrated around the emblematic building. The brotherhood wanted to convert what happened in the Alcázar into a “communion of patriotic ideals” and that is what is celebrated every September, with the procession of Our Lady of the Alcázar.

A dozen people demonstrated throughout the afternoon in the Plaza de Zocodover, shouting “Fascists out!” and singing songs like La Internacional. There was practically a national police patrolling the demonstration for each of the people who had a sign with the words “out with the coup fascists”.

The demonstrators stayed until the procession in honor of Santa María del Alcázar passed, from the Cathedral to the building. A mass was also celebrated in the primate Cathedral, presided over by the Archbishop of Toledo, Francisco Cerro Chaves, who also participated in the procession. For their part, the protesters called by the Castilla-La Mancha platform for the Third Republic claimed that “we cannot allow a site of fascist exaltation to continue to exist as has recently occurred.”

At the beginning of July of this year, a group of ultras from the SS Lazio agreed with a large banner in homage to the Francoist general José Moscardó in the same courtyard of the Alcázar de Toledo, within what corresponds to the Army Museum. The banner was several meters long and it read ‘Honor to General Moscardó’.

That is why, they insisted, it is necessary to remove the “coup fascists who are buried there” from the Alcázar. “Moscardó and Milans del Bosch, recognized coup plotters,” they highlighted. “The Catholic Church, an accomplice of fascism, continues to promote every year in September the celebration of the entry into Toledo of the genocidal dictator Franco, where thousands of men and women from Toledo died defending the Republic, the last democratic state elected by the people in our country. ”.

Many police cars and agents of the body remained in the area, from very early until the procession of the brotherhood arrived. The music band sounded with the cries of “Fascists out!” background. The procession was mainly made up of very young men who carried the virgin and shouted too, but in honor of the virgin and the Alcázar. “Live!”. “I do not understand why the Catholic customs of this country are not respected,” commented those attending the procession, annoyed by the small concentration of people. “It’s tradition,” they settled.

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