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Fast and furious: 5 tips to overcome the prontomania of I want it now, I want it now!

Life is changing faster than ever. We live in a world where we want things now and we want them now.

The “instant gratification society” has taken hold, and most find it difficult to be patient. But if you find yourself rushing from task to task, caught in a whirlwind of constant activity, you may need to take a step back.

What is “prontomania”

This phenomenon is synthesized in the neologism “prontomania”, the combination of the promptness with which they want to solve or activate things, and mania, whose psychological definition says that it is a Mental disorder or illness characterized by exaggerated euphoria, the obsessive presence of a fixed idea, and an abnormal state of anxiety, agitation, and delirium.

Perhaps this statement from the mental health side seems exaggerated, although, if you look at it in detail, perhaps it contains a lot of truth, because behaviors such as anxiety, restlessness, exaggerated worry appear at the slowness of some response, even of a line in a process that goes to the rhythm of a turtle. Without talking, for example, of when the Internet or some social network or messaging goes down. You’re about to explode!

The question is: how much time do you gain by going so fast?

Some limiting tendencies of prontomania

A limiting tendency is a behavior that you perform repeatedly, and that limits your expression in some way, for example:

Have the urgent need to answer everything instantly.

Feeling that it is an obligation that others respond to everything quickly, even if it is not important or urgent.

Show the impossibility of managing time properly.

Avoid delegating for fear of delay in completing a task, which translates into a lack of trust in others.

Maintain superficial relationships because you don’t take the time to deepen them as before.

Having altered priorities, where work occupies a much greater proportion than your personal time.

Manifest remoteness and neglect with close affections.

Suffering from sleep disorders, anxiety.

Losing the meaning of life.

5 tips to regain the natural rhythm of life

Stop, discard, resize.

It is about becoming aware of the fast pace you are taking that does not allow you to genuinely connect with yourself or with others.

Learn to prioritize.

It is not only about choosing between what is urgent and important, but about choosing what adds value to your current life, and what does not. Because in that impossibility lies the loss of meaning that many people live.

In the long run, this leads to a depersonalization whereby you barely survive as if you were “someone else”, or a character who acts so as not to really look at you, internally. You find it common to run, the vertigo, the “being in continuous beta” (in permanent change) as many innovative companies proudly say, regardless of wear and tear.

Limit your hours and commitments.

It is essential that you learn to manage time and not overload your agenda with issues that: either are not essential and a priority, or you do not want to participate.

It is true that many times you must do some things as part of your function: in those cases, accept them, incorporate them into your routine; although it is not advisable that you have ten of these questions in the same week.

Learn to set limits and say no.

This is, perhaps, one of the greatest fears of those who live as if they were running a Formula 1 race. Above all, it affects perfectionists, and those who have the ability to do many tasks at the same time.


Before reaching the collapse of prontomania, turn off the cell phone, do not answer messages outside of certain hours, overcome the temptation to answer the email at any time. You can even use another cell phone for personal matters, with whom you will give yourself the time and leisurely pace to connect in another way.

Remember that you do not come with a spare: it is you, with your unique DNA, your characteristics and your differentials. Therefore, make yourself important, slow down and choose the best for you in rhythm, form, depth and meaning.

You can have ultra productivity, without falling into prontomania. For this, you must take care of your physical house (the body), your house that activates reality (your mentality) and your house of attitude and motivation (the emotional dimension).

Ultimately, it is about reversing the order: start by being, then by doing, and finally, you will have what you long for. And you can do it exactly the same without having to fly through life.

The guest pen of is:

Daniel Colombo

Facilitator, Master Coach specialized in CEOs, senior management, professionals and teams; professional communicator; international lecturer and author of 28 books.