Thursday, September 21

Fatal Fury is getting its first new game in 23 years | Digital Trends Spanish

It has been 23 years since the last installment of SNK’s fighting game series, Fatal Fury, But that is about to change. During the grand finale evo from King of Fighters XV of Last night, SNK revealed that a new title in the series has been greenlit.

NEW FATAL FURY / GAROU | teaser-trailer

The Fatal Fury series seemingly ended with Garou: Mark of the Wolves, which introduced one of the most popular SNK characters of all time, Rock Howard. Since then, it has basically been infused into The King of Fighters, which SNK seems intent on rectifying.

A continuation of the Fatal Fury franchise beyond by Garou has been in demand by fans of the series for many years. While the fighting game may not have the popularity and many installments that The King of Fighters does, it does have a hardcore cult following. Many of those fans believe that the series needs a proper ending after the note what a Garou left the story.

While nothing was shared in the announcement beyond key art featuring Rock Howard, it can be suspected that he, Terry Bogard, B.Jenet, and other much-loved characters from the series will return.

A sequel to Garou has been in the works for years, with original talks surrounding it starting in 2005. Talks continued well into the development of The King of Fighters 14 in 2016, with a proposed roster even being revealed.

This upcoming Fatal Fury/Garou game doesn’t have a set release period, but for those excited about it, The King of Fighters XV is a great entry guaranteed to quench that SNK fighting game thirst. It also has a Garou and Garou team for Terry Bogard.

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