Wednesday, January 26

FDA Approves Eyedrops to Replace Reading Glasses | Digital Trends Spanish

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved presbyopia drops to replace traditional reading glasses.

Presbyopia is a condition that affects many people as the years go by, making it increasingly difficult to focus on nearby objects. Reading glasses are used to mitigate the problem, but a drug called Vuity, which is applied daily and could last up to 24 hours, will soon be started.

What Vuity does is stimulate the eye muscles to reduce the size of the pupil, “which in turn increases the depth of field,” they explain in New Atlas, and thus increase the sharpness of everything that is observed.

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Studies of the drug were carried out in 750 people affected by presbyopia; It was concluded that those who used Vuity frequently could read in the classic optometry charts three more lines (on average) than the patients who did not use it.

According to the pharmacist Abbvie, creators of the product, Vuity is the first treatment of its kind that could benefit the health of millions of people who suffer from these types of vision problems.

So far no major negative effects have been found in the use of Vuity, except for some people who developed a headache, but that would not necessarily have to be related to the drops. The only contraindication has to do with being allergic to any of the components of the liquid, although everything should be reviewed with a doctor prior to prescription.

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