Sunday, October 17

FDA experts reject third dose of Pfizer for the general population in the United States

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advisory committee has rejected the appropriateness of administering a third dose of the Pfizer vaccine to healthy adults, according to The New York Times. The health authority had to decide on the measure defended by the pharmaceutical company to apply a reinforcement to the entire population about six months after having completed the indicated pattern of two punctures. The measure has garnered 16 votes against in the committee compared to 3 in favor.

These are the groups that will receive the third dose of the vaccine in Spain: transplanted patients, with lymphoma or multiple sclerosis

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US President Joe Biden announced on September 3 that, starting on the 20th of this month, a booster campaign for adults would begin. However, a little later, this measure was sifted: first, the approval of the FDA was needed to inject third doses in healthy adults and, later, the CDC would have to modulate the application since it is not the same a person of 80-year-old who ended his regimen eight months ago than another 38-year-old whose second dose was six months ago.

“It is not clear that everyone needs to receive the booster dose, beyond a population group that is clearly at high risk of severe disease,” explained Michael G. Kurilla, a member of the committee and the National Institute of Health, in statements collected by The New York Times.

Pfizer has been presenting its own data on how its vaccine declines after half a year of completion and how a third dose reboots the creation of immunity. Modern pharmaceutical company, which uses the same messenger RNA technology as Pfizer, has also asked for an extra dose of its product. However, this week a study carried out by numerous researchers from universities such as Oxford, the FDA itself and the WHO concluded in The Lancet that the data obtained by reviewing numerous studies did not support the inoculation of this third generalized dose.

However, the most vulnerable groups of people, with weakened immune systems or who have not developed a good level of protection, are receiving a reminder dose and in Spain autonomous communities such as Catalonia or Valencia have announced that they will take that step immediately after the approval of the measure this week.