Tuesday, July 5

Fece deposits $ 18,444,627 to educational centers throughout the country as part of the second game 2021

The Ministry of Education (Meduca) started the deposit of the second batch 2021 of the Equity and Quality of Education Fund (Fece) to the country’s educational centers, which represents a disbursement of $18,444,627 and benefits 3,275 official educational centers with an enrollment of 779,425 students.

Meduca canceled $19,136,680 of which $17,282,030 correspond to the first item 2021 and $1,854,650 to payments of previous validities from 2015 to 2020.

Each quarterly item represents one-third of the 2021 annual allocation; and in accordance with the budget, the distribution of $55,333,880 in three games during the academic year.

According to Meduca, the resources that the educational centers receive annually come from 27% of what is collected in the payment of the educational insurance tax and can be used in the purchase of laboratory equipment, school furniture, educational technology, teaching materials, repair and construction of schools and strengthen nutritional programs, among others.