Saturday, May 28

Feijóo accuses Sánchez of being “captive” of Podemos

“Spain has the worst government at the worst time.” Alberto Núñez Feijóo presented himself with this script this Monday in Barcelona before nearly 700 militants of the PP, to whom he has shown that he does not come to make concessions to the Executive nor to exercise a soft opposition. “Sánchez is a captive leader of Podemos populism, he is a captive leader of his pro-independence parliamentary partners,” Feijóo assured. “He who cannot lead a party, cannot lead a country”, he continued, because, in the opinion of the PP presidential candidate, “when you have a government partner or parliamentarian who does not believe in Spain, there is a total bankruptcy ”.

The conservative leader has insisted on the lack of unity in the Government when he stressed that at the Conference of Presidents this weekend “there was not a single minister from Podemos.” “You cannot manage when you do not have a common vision, when there is no project, or when the project is different depending on the origin of each minister. In short, you cannot govern when you are not capable of governing 22 citizens who meet at the table of the Council of Ministers. Although it is true that half are left over ”, Feijóo has launched.

In the morning, in the city of Palma, the candidate had already shown that his territorial tour to present himself to the militants before going to Congress was going to serve him to rehearse the tone of his opposition to the Government. According to him, he assured in the Balearic capital, the Executive “is making a fortune” with the increase in energy prices. An idea that has served him to deploy his proposals on the matter, in the midst of rising energy prices. As his party has been doing, Feijóo has demanded that the Government undertake a tax cut “of exceptional intensity” to, in this way, snip the electricity bill paid by families and companies.

In the opinion of the president of the Xunta, Sánchez must immediately undertake this reform on the taxes he charges for fuel, as the regional leaders agreed this weekend at the Conference of Presidents. An idea to which the central Executive has also opened up, despite the reduction that it already made last June, when the VAT on electricity was left at 10%.

The proposal to reduce taxes “to a minimum” has been one of the flags with which Feijóo has sought the support of PP militants, ahead of the party’s Congress next April, which the Galician leader knows he has won. “The economy is the key to all doors,” he has said. “I come to talk about economy, health and social services”.

Feijóo has also rejected the words pronounced by Sánchez last week in Congress when he assured that the price increase was solely Putin’s fault. “Before the war in Ukraine, electricity had gone up by 5, gasoline was twice as expensive, and our inflation was 8%. This before the war. Therefore, when trying to convey that Spain’s economic problem comes with the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, it is one more fallacy and it is one more manipulation”, Feijóo has indicated.

On his proposals for the PP, the president of the Xunta has assured that he will seek a role “of harmony”. “We are a useful party, which has not come to create problems and we want to find solutions. We live in a moment of maximum complexity, because we have a war on the European border, the highest inflation in 40 years and the highest price of electricity for gasoline and gas in decades”, he said.

Despite his onslaught against Sánchez and the Government, Feijóo has also stated that his project does not consist of talking about others but rather fixing the internal situation of the PP to win at the polls. An idea that he has explained with a football simile, when he has assured that the PP is like Barça, which is emerging from a football crisis by remaking the bench to beat Espanyol, a phrase that has generated some booing and laughter among the public.

“It is not easy to be from the PP in Catalonia. But you are the piece to reconnect this party with Catalan society”, he had previously flattered his audience, after a presentation by the leader of the PP regional government, Alejandro Fernández, who has shown close support for Feijóo. The Galician has returned the compliments by remembering Manuel Fraga, of whom he has said that for a time “they voted very little for him”, to end up being “an undefeated leader” in Galicia. A situation that, according to Feijóo, Fernández can emulate in Catalonia if the PP manages to make his project attractive to the Catalans again.