Tuesday, August 9

Feijóo agrees to repeal the Democratic Memory Law

The president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has promised to repeal the Historical Memory Law and has assured that he will also work to obtain the votes of the PSOE so that “together we can restore memory and justice.”

What happened to the murderers of Miguel Ángel Blanco?

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Feijóo has closed the ‘Miguel Ángel Blanco Summer School’ this Saturday in the Biscayan town of Ermua in an act in which former president José María Aznar and Mari Mar Blanco, sister of the mayor assassinated by ETA in July 1997, also participated. as well as the president of the Basque PP, Carlos Iturgaiz.

In his speech, collected by Europa Press, he indicated that “those who strive to be worthy heirs of Miguel Ángel Blanco” defend the rule of law and, therefore, accept “the anomaly that the figureheads of that terrorism sit in the institutions that they wanted to destroy by sowing pain and horror.” In any case, he added, it causes them “a deep repugnance that they are the ones who dictate to the democratic government the terms of democratic memory.” “Under these conditions, it is neither memory nor democratic. It is an episode unworthy of our democracy”, the president of the PP has underlined.

For this reason, he has expressed his commitment to repeal the “badly named” Democratic Memory law and has assured that he will work “not only to get the votes of the PP and other parliamentary groups, but also the votes of the next PSOE so that together we can restore the memory and justice.