Wednesday, July 6

Feijóo announces a feminist turn of the PP while endorsing the mayor who called a leader of the PSOE “chacha para todo”

The feminist turn that announces the PP’s organizational presentation for its imminent congress stumbled on Wednesday with Feijóo’s endorsement of the mayor of Vilanova de Arousa. This has recently been condemned for calling the socialist president of the Deputation of Pontevedra, Carmela Silva, “chacha para todo”, but the popular leader does not seem to be concerned. Last week he dispatched the question with a “if someone insults it is the leaders of the PSdeG in Pontevedra and Vigo”, in the control session of the Parliament today he did not respond to the request for an apology demanded by Gonzalo Caballero, spokesman for the PSOE.

The management of the Next Generation reveals male dominance in the Xunta de Feijóo

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“When there is an error, it is recognized, Mr. Feijóo,” said Caballero, “and there is a court ruling that says that a mayor of the PP uses sexist attacks. The president of all Galicians and Galicians cannot be an accomplice of that condemned machismo. It is not debatable ”. The socialist had slipped this reflection in the middle of a question about the municipal policies of the Xunta de Galicia. Feijóo, who responded with an attack on the management of the autonomous financing of the Pedro Sánchez Government, ignored the Carmela Silva case.

It was not like that a few days ago, when the Galician president decided to give a hand to Gonzalo Duran, the councilor of Vilanova de Arousa. Then he clung to the appeal against the sentence that Durán has presented – who has reaffirmed himself in what was said – and to the diversion of responsibilities: according to Feijóo, the socialists insult more. Of course, he added that, when the events happened, he had already expressed that the mayor’s statements “had not been correct.”

Feijóo’s support for Durán coincides with the preparations for the PP congress, scheduled for July 16 and 17, and whose main novelty announced so far is the constitution of a “permanent equality commission as a body for debate, advice and participation in order to promote policies based on the principle of equality ”. The organizational presentation that includes it ensures that the popular ones seek “to give more prominence to women and youth.” The purpose also contrasts with the public private company created by the Xunta to manage the Next Generation Funds and in whose direction there is no woman.