Wednesday, October 20

Feijóo announces that education from zero to three years will be free in Galicia from the next academic year

The president of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has announced that from next year all nursery schools will be free in Galicia. It is a plan, advanced during the debate on the state of Autonomy, which will affect public centers and also private ones. Feijóo has not given details of his plan, which, in his words, places Galicia “at the forefront of Spain.”

The announcement was made during a speech in which the Galician chief executive described the demographic situation of the autonomous community as a “calamity”. A problem that Feijóo has placed as “number one” in his priorities. It is in this context that the announcement has been made to make educational care free for children from zero to three years old. To date, only the second children had assistance to cover the cost of nursery schools. Starting next year, the benefit will be universal, at least in Galicia.

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