Wednesday, July 6

Feijóo appeals to a great mobilization of the PP-A to unite the Andalusians against “trenches and provocations” from others

The national president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, stated this Sunday in Seville that the regional president who “has had the most impact on the economy, well-being and stability of Spain in Juanma Moreno”, candidate for re-election in the regional elections of the 19th of June. He has asked the Andalusian PP that in the campaign that will start next Friday they focus exclusively on talking about Andalusia, in the face of “provocations” and “crispness” from other parties that will seek to talk about other issues.

This is how Feijóo spoke during his speech at a massive public event in Seville, where in this pre-election campaign for the Andalusian elections on June 19 he wanted to transfer all his support to the president of the Andalusian Government and candidate for re-election by the PP -A, Juanma Moreno.

“Here we have a very big party, excited, cohesive, that has a project and a leader, Juanma Moreno. The result of June 19 will not be revealed by the polls, but rather by a broad mobilization of Andalusians at the polls”, said Núñez Feijóo.

He has stated that, for three and a half years, Juanma Moreno has been able to bring together a project that interests “all Spaniards” and has become the regional president who has most “impacted the economy, well-being and stability of Spain”: “That is already part of your history and your contribution to politics”.

He has defined Moreno as a president “calm in form and intense in the background”, and who, in no way, transmits “viscerality or fracture”, but is only determined that “things work”. “Juanma Moreno’s is the best government for Andalusia. No one can deny that, ”Núñez Feijóo has sentenced.

Before the imminent electoral campaign, the leader of the PP has indicated that his proposal is very simple, a broad mobilization of the party to “unite the Andalusians”, against the “trenches” and “provocations” of other parties. “We want to open the house to people who don’t like trenches or provocations”, according to Feijóo, who has asked the popular Andalusians to focus on talking exclusively about Andalusia during the campaign.

“Let’s unite the Andalusians in a project that is worthwhile and that they are proud of their land. They know that this will be a land of prosperity if we order and organize them better”, has indicated the president of the PP, for whom “the most important thing in Spain after being president of the Government of Spain and Galicia is to be president of Andalusia”.

“I have come to put myself at the order of the PP-A because this party is at the order of Andalusia”, Núñez Feijóo has sentenced.

For Núñez Feijóo, “if we talk about honesty in Andalusia, we talk about the PP” and if we talk about Andalusia, “we always win”: “Don’t fall into the trap. To each insult, a proposal; to each provocation, the future of Andalusia, and to each attempt to divert attention, Andalusia, Andalusia, Andalusia”, as he has asked his fellow Andalusians.

During his speech, Feijóo indicated that many socialist voters who have not received a salary from the PSOE already “accept in public that Moreno is the best president” for Andalusia and also “many socialist voters who have a salary from the PSOE do not accept it in public. public, but in private. “They tell me and I don’t tell who they are,” he pointed out.

He added that voters of the multiple parties of the radical left really know that their parties “serve to make trouble and not to govern”, because if they are not capable of presenting a candidacy together or ordering the papers that must be presented to the Electoral Board, “how are they going to approve budgets”.

He has also referred, alluding to Vox, to those who “criticize us but who want to support us and govern with us” and who “have not managed a public euro in their lives.” “They are giving management classes when they have not managed a single city council or community in Spain,” he said.

He has stated that the PP-A does not have a candidate for the Board, but that it is the only formation that has “a president of the Board.” “Juanma Moreno has balance, team and has a project and the only thing we have to do in the coming weeks is talk about Andalusia”, he pointed out.