Friday, September 22

Feijóo asked 10 days ago to turn off public buildings and lower the air conditioning

The Government has approved this Monday the Energy Saving Plan, which includes measures such as a maximum temperature for heating (19 degrees) and a minimum for air conditioning (27 degrees) in public buildings and some commercial premises, automatic closures on doors of access to prevent them from being permanently open, as well as the turning off of shop window lights and the revision of boilers. The decree includes monuments and decorative buildings in that lights out, said Vice President Teresa Ribera.

Isabel Díaz Ayuso was quick to respond that she will not implement the measures approved by the Council of Ministers in the region. For the president of the Community of Madrid, turning off the lights at night causes “darkness, poverty, sadness”. But once again, she not only contradicts the government, but also the leader of her party. Just 10 days ago, Feijóo highlighted the importance of reducing electricity consumption at an event in Valencia. “The energy saving plans that set limits for activating air conditioning and heating in winter seem good to me,” declared the president of the PP on July 21.

Feijóo also opted to agree with the municipalities “a saving in night electric lighting”. The PP leader then considered these measures essential as part of an energy saving plan in the face of a lack of supply in the coming months.

The president, who assures that the measure also “generates insecurity and scares away tourism and consumption”, overlooked the fact that another high-ranking official in her party had already defended the measure long before, and had even applied it. The Minister of Finance of the Junta de Andalucía and the new Deputy Secretary of Economy of the PP, Juan Bravo, appointed in April by Alberto Núñez Feijóo, explained in a interview that he ordered the lights of the concierge to be turned off at night.

“It’s a savings. The Junta Andalucía has 12,000 buildings. I ask you —he said questioning the journalist— if you know someone who has ever left the light on at home for 10 years for 24 hours and seven days. All the buildings here”, and “that is not respecting public money”, he added.

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