Thursday, September 29

Feijóo asks Sánchez to avoid the Falcon and use a boat to go to the Canary Islands that has not operated since 2005

The Jet Foil has not operated since 2005 and, furthermore, there was never a line between Lanzarote and La Palma, but the leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, disfigured this weekend in an interview that the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, did not use this high-speed boat for his travels in the Archipelago, instead of his official plane.

The spokeswoman for the PSOE, Pilar Alegría, today criticized Feijóo for not knowing that the Jet Foil stopped operating in 2005 and accused him of preferring “the yachts and planes of millionaire friends”.

The parliamentary spokesman for United We Can, Pablo Echenique, has spoken in the same vein: “Feijóo says that he would use the jet foil to go from Lanzarote to other islands. The jet foil has not existed for 17 years. But Feijóo is very solvent, very smart and an experienced manager. Because if. Because most of the media do not stop repeating it. So it will be true.”

The socialist leader and Minister of Education thus responded to the proposal announced by Feijóo this past weekend in an interview with Europa Press to regulate the use of the aforementioned means of transport used by both the president and other members of the Government. In fact, she has promised not to use it for political acts of her party if it reaches the Moncloa Palace and has advanced that her ministers will have to follow a protocol that limits its use.

Pilar Alegría has valued these statements by the leader of the opposition and has exclaimed: “When there are no ideas, there is no project, populism and demagogy give way.”

He then went on the attack and specified that “all Spaniards” know that “Feijóo has always liked yachts or planes that were financed by some millionaire friend of his.”

In this sense, he has also asked the leader of the opposition to know the different means of transport in this country before issuing an opinion because, he recalled, before he was president of Galicia, they had already stopped using the jetfoils that united the Canary Islands until 2005.

Pilar Alegría was thus referring to the criticism that Feijóo has leveled against Sánchez for traveling in Falcon from Lanzarote, where he spent his holidays, to the island of La Palma last week, when he could have used other means such as the ferry. “If I am in Lanzarote, I can take a jetfoil to go to another island. I don’t need the Falcon from Madrid to come and get me”, Feijóo proclaimed.