Thursday, July 29

Feijóo asks the judges for permission to prevent meetings of non-cohabitants at dawn

The Xunta de Galicia will request permission from the judges to once again limit the right of assembly. It was announced this Wednesday by its president, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, the day after meeting with the clinical committee that advises him against the coronavirus epidemic. If the Superior Court of Xustiza authorizes it, the community may not meet more than six people indoors and ten outdoors. Nor can there be meetings of non-cohabitants between one in the morning and six in the morning in the municipalities with the highest incidence of the virus. In the others, they will be prohibited from three to six in the morning. “The situation has worsened dramatically and intensely,” he said.

These measures will only come into force if they obtain the approval of the judiciary. Feijóo took the opportunity to insist on his idea that there is no “law to manage the pandemic” but ignored the controversial ruling of the Constitutional Court that last week declared the confinement of the population illegal during the first wave of the pandemic. He did not even mention it, something striking in a figure so inclined to give his opinion on the setbacks of the administrations that his party does not lead. Perhaps because the Constitutional decision, adopted by a slim majority and defended by its most conservative sector, ultimately contradicts its idea of ​​limiting fundamental rights with laws of autonomic rank.

Beyond the restrictions on meetings, pending judicial ratification, the Galician president also communicated new indications aimed at the hotel industry. With the data he offered, as of midnight on Saturday, July 24, one in three Galicians must present either their vaccination certificate, either a negative test carried out during the last 72 hours, or a compliant accreditation. has overcome COVID, to access the interior of the bars. It will be mandatory in the municipalities that are the maximum or high level of restrictions, 36 this week. And in all if what is intended is to make use of the so-called nightlife venues.

There are 12,889 active cases of coronavirus in Galicia, with 21 people in intensive care and 153 hospitalized in the plant. During the last few days, the detection of more than a thousand cases a day has been common. The mortality of the virus, however, has been reduced. In total, 2,443 infected have died since the arrival of the coronavirus to the community.

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