Monday, July 4

Feijóo asks the PP to be guided by “principles”: “It’s not just about getting there, but about taking care of how you get there”

Alberto Núñez Feijóo has taken advantage of the Galician PP congress that confirms his replacement to launch a message in an internal key. He asks the PP to be guided by ethical questions: “I want a party with principles. It’s not about arriving alone, it’s about taking care of how you arrive to stay at the finish line for a long time”. The order is “not to look exclusively at arithmetic” because he does not want to, he assures “to be president by adding defeats”, but rather “it is about winning”.

The Galician PP chooses a new leader without forgetting Feijóo

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The message has been launched before his people in Pontevedra, among whom the president of Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, was seated, who has agreed with Vox and has opened the doors of a government to the extreme right for the first time in democracy . The PP was the party with the most votes in the regional elections last February, but it was not enough to reach the goal that Feijóo speaks of alone. The now leader of the PP at the state level, supported his decision.

Since he replaced Pablo Casado at the helm, Feijóo has tried to disassociate himself from the corruption cases in which the party has been involved. Recently elected, the third sentence came that condemns the PP for the Gürtel plot, a corruption case from which he tried to stay away due to the time that had elapsed since the events occurred. So, he has said on more than one occasion, he was still joining the party. But the revelations of former treasurer Luis Bárcenas had ramifications in Galicia, with statements about funds taken to the community in 2010, when Feijóo had been at the helm of the party for four years in Galician territory.

The slogan now is to look forward and seek majorities by “opening up” the party, “not taking people out of the project” and presenting themselves as “public servants.” The other element that has not stopped asking the party is “unity.” And, as an example, he has put the PPdeG, which he has said that he wants the organization to resemble at the state level. He did not forget to send a praise and a message of peace to Madrid, fresh from the congress that enthroned Isabel Díaz Ayuso at the head of the popular in the community: “We had a great time. I know some of you are upset. Well, let them wait, because Madrid is an unstoppable PP machine and we are going to protect the PP machines”.

“Neither guardianship nor tutorship”

In the Galician conclave, number 18 and of an extraordinary nature due to his resignation as president of the PPdeG to make the leap to Madrid, he said he felt “excited” by the “symbolic importance” of leaving the witness in the hands of Alfonso Rueda after 16 years at the controls. The Galician PP settled with this congress the relief of Feijóo, but it has not been able to get rid of the shadow of the leader. He himself tried to dispel it with a phrase that Manuel Fraga pronounced in 1990, when José María Aznar ascended to the first seat of the party: “Neither tutelas nor tutías”.

Rueda, however, has given up in his first decisions to set his own profile and has repeated the same government team in the Xunta and the party’s leadership has hardly changed. The main novelty in the leadership of the Galician PP is the change in the general secretariat -forced by the departure of Miguel Tellado to accompany Feijóo to Madrid as deputy secretary of Organization-. The party’s number two position will be occupied by Paula Prado, a deputy in Parliament who was moved away from the political front line by her accusation in Operation Pokémon. Her case ended up filed, but she left a memorable quote for the newspaper archives: “You already know the gifts that Vendex gives. Without doing anything he makes a gift of the host. A Mont Blanc pen or a bag of I don’t know how much”.

With the figure of Feijóo constantly flying over, the new president of the Xunta and the Galician PP is looking for a way to differentiate himself. If in yesterday’s session the mentions of his predecessor were constant, in the closing session this Sunday the provincial barons did not miss the opportunity to ensure that there is a “Rule style”. His predecessor affirmed that “it is an honor to stop calling him Alfonso and start calling him President Rueda” and to put himself “at order”.

The new president of the PPdeG -proclaimed with 97.2% of the votes in a congress in which he was the only candidate- also wanted to paint a portrait of a certain independence: “When I asked Feijóo for advice, he gave it to me . His opinion, only when I asked for it. Though I imagine he was watching me.” From there he spun a speech full of attacks on the central government and the opposition parties in Galicia – “everything would be simpler if they were otherwise” -. Regarding his project, he insisted on what had already been announced: more vaccines included in public health, a promise to lower taxes, attention to the demographic challenge and support for an industry that continues to give negative signs.

With the king emeritus spending the weekend in Sanxenxo amidst the controversy for not having given explanations about his opaque fortune or his tax evasion, Rueda has once again come out in his defense and that of the Spanish monarchy: “Institutions such as the crown must be defended against demagogues. And he closed his speech with the little groundbreaking slogan repeated since it was confirmed that he would succeed Feijóo, which is to aspire to “normality”.

“The counter is at zero”

The leader of the Spanish PP has his sights set on the Andalusian elections next month as the first test, but for the popular Galicians the machinery that is already working is that of the local elections of 2023. Feijóo has warned Rueda that “the accountant is at zero” at the polls and that he should not think that Galicians vote “by inertia”. The already president in Galicia has recalled that there is little more than a year left for the elections and has harangued his own to improve the results of the previous ones, which led to none of the mayors of the seven Galician cities being from the PP since the party achieved only one of the four delegations, that of Ourense.