Sunday, January 29

Feijóo assures that he will only speak to Sánchez if he renounces reforming the Penal Code

The PP wins the position and advances the lines. Alberto Núñez Feijóo counts as a victory the decision of the Constitutional Court to paralyze the parliamentary processing of the reform of the system of appointment of magistrates of the guarantee court itself. The right-wing leader insists on keeping the Judiciary blocked, and thus the Constitutional itself, and demands that all its conditions be imposed on the Government to resume relations between the Executive and the main opposition party. This was reiterated at a press conference by the leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, in an appearance before the media in which he also said that he “will do everything possible” to prevent any reform that does not have the participation of the.

The Senate will process the reform of sedition and embezzlement and paralyzes the amendments on the Constitutional


Despite having only 88 deputies out of 350, Alberto Núñez Feijóo wants to force Pedro Sánchez to renounce the reform of the Criminal Code to repeal sedition and modify embezzlement (already underway, with the support of 188 favorable votes), despite the fact that The Constitutional Court has not criticized the substance of these bills, only the inclusion of two amendments that had nothing to do with it. It is his condition to resume any “State” conversation with the Government.

The leader of the PP thus takes up the idea that he will only agree “with another PSOE” that he already expressed after breaking off the negotiations to renew the General Council of the Judiciary, blocked by his party for four years. But, in addition, Feijóo tries to increase the pressure and has demanded a joint modification of the Penal Code itself that includes the criminalization of “illegal referendums”, and that “renounces control of judges”.

That is, to assume the reform of the Organic Law of the Judiciary so that only the judges choose the 12 representatives of the race that make up the CGPJ. A proposal that Feijóo’s PP inherits from Pablo Casado’s, whose strategy the current party leader seems to be copying.

Feijóo has recognized that Spain is witnessing an “institutional crisis” for which he does not have an iota of responsibility, according to his words. The reasons that cause it are, in the opinion of the leader of the PP, an “unprecedented verbal escalation” from “high state institutions” against the decision of the Constitutional Tribune. And, on the other, a “concatenation of unacceptable cessions within a democracy.”

“I want to ask that the verbal escalation that the current president of the Government began when he spoke of the existence of a plot and of coup in Spain. Enough of the coups d’état, of talking about intrigues against democracy, of calling judges, magistrates and courts façades in a gown,” he told reporters at the PP’s national headquarters on Calle de Génova in Madrid.

“Enough of saying that whoever is not aligned with Sánchez’s theses is necessarily a conspirator or a fascist,” he added. “And enough of questioning the elements, procedures and principles that make our country a liberal democracy at the level of the best democracies in the world”, he added, to conclude: “Enough of challenging the system that has brought 40 years of greater freedoms, political stability, economic prosperity”.

The right-wing leader has conceded that the “pronouncement” of the Constitution “refers only to the form, to the procedure to change two laws that affect the operation of the Judiciary.” In other words, Feijóo assumes that the reform of the Penal Code on sedition and embezzlement will continue its course and be approved.

The Constitutional “has not prevented them from being voted on in the courts”, he continued, in response to the presidents of Congress and the Senate, Meritxell Batet and Ander Gil. “He has not stolen the parliamentary debate. On the contrary, he has come to guarantee it ”, he added.

Feijóo has opted for “big State decisions approved with a sense of State that brings together the vast majority of the Spanish people”, for which the Government could only count on the PP. “President Sánchez has to stop this decline. That there be an agreement between the party that is in government today and the one that will be in the next legislature”, he said about himself.

“Citizens do not want anger, they want solutions,” he said. For this reason, instead of announcing that he is resuming talks to renew the CGPJ, the origin of the current political crisis, Feijóo has asked “to renounce modifying the Penal Code in a hurry, without the corresponding reports.” “I offer him to do it by fulfilling what he promised the Spanish,” he pointed out.

Feijóo has settled, in response to Sánchez: “He has sent a subliminal message, that he will do everything possible to achieve the objective that he cannot hide: to please the independentistas and control the Justice. I say very clearly that I will do everything possible to the contrary: defend the State at all times, defend Spanish democracy permanently and guarantee the independence of the Judiciary”.