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Feijóo calls on Sánchez to break the Government with United We Can and offers him his support

Alberto Núñez Feijóo has called on Pedro Sánchez on Tuesday to dismiss the ministers of United We Can from the coalition government and to break his parliamentary alliances. In return, the leader of the PP does not offer the support of his party for the year and a half of the legislature that remains beyond specific moments, which would leave the PSOE with no room for maneuver in Congress and Senate. “Look for support in the party that embodies the alternative. We will never be permanent parliamentary partners, but we will always be allies of our country ”, the head of the opposition has concluded his response in the appearance that Sánchez has starred in the Upper House this Tuesday.

Feijóo asks to reopen the most polluting plants when Spain is once again a net exporter of electricity

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A reply in which Feijóo has accused the President of the Government of “tiptoeing” about the main problems that, he has assured, the Spanish are dragging, among which he has highlighted “the consequences of inflation in the industrial activity of workers” . “Most Spaniards have exhausted the September payroll in the first week” of the month, he has assured him about the CPI. “This is the reality of citizens and many wonder how long,” he has maintained, to become his spokesperson before the coalition Executive.

That “until when” will be at the end of 2023, as Sánchez has reiterated. That is why Feijóo has asked him to “turn the situation around” in the face of the “extremely harsh autumn that is coming”, paraphrasing the words of Defense Minister Margarita Robles. “The context to govern is not chosen, but we do choose the responses we give,” said the leader of the PP. And that cannot happen, according to the Galician’s approach, with the current government partners and parliamentary allies of the PSOE.

Feijóo has blamed the Socialists for the “docility with which they give in to the formations that support the Government.” “It doesn’t matter what they ask for”, he has reproached him, with special zeal in the presence of Podemos in the Council of Ministers and the support of EH Bildu in Congress: “Many citizens have a curiosity. With Bildu do you sleep well?

“Instead of a crisis cabinet in Moncloa, the campaign committee in Ferraz has been set to work”, lamented the head of the opposition. “Spain cannot go on for another year at the mercy of its demographic emergencies, which lead it to do very strange things,” he added.

Feijóo has blamed Sánchez who “said he was not going to restrict” energy consumption “and he has it very restricted.” The leader of the PP has criticized the fact that the Government closed “its own energy sources”, while “now it is looking for them abroad”; he also “said that lowering the VAT was cosmetic and useless”, when he has already approved it, and “he takes off his tie but takes the Super Puma to go to Torrejón”.

The leader of the PP has shown an energy plan carried out by his leadership and has said that he is going to send it to Moncloa as an agreement offer to the Government. Feijóo has assured that, among the measures included in the document, is to eliminate the restrictions in the private sector to save energy and change it for a battery of restrictions to the public sector that he has not specified. “Obligations in the public sector, yes, very intense”, he has limited himself to saying. “I request a new energy model that assumes the European commitments in a rhythmic way. If he does, he will have the support of the PP”, he pointed out.

“Despite the Iberian exception, in August we had the most expensive receipt in history,” Feijóo responded to Sánchez’s announcement that the Spanish have saved 2,000 million euros. “Why is he so happy? The demagoguery is such that nobody talks about energy poverty anymore, the term they used before. Which one should we use now? Energy misery? ”, He has ironized. Feijóo has also insisted on investing in nuclear and in the most polluting plants, coal ones, a proposal that he has repeated over and over again in recent weeks.

“If he doesn’t fool us one more time, there’s more than a year to go until the general election. A complex year socially and economically. How to deal with it is in his hand”, she pointed out. “His only immutable principle of him is ‘no is no’. But the PP has supported adequate measures. No one is always wrong, not even you”, he pointed out. Spain is our goal. I am willing to wear myself out wherever the citizens put me”, he concluded.

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