Monday, March 27

Feijóo chooses an open field forest for his end of the year message

Alberto Núñez Feijóo has chosen a mountain near Santiago as the scenery for the traditional end-of-year video with which the heads of regional executives cover their Christmas screen quota. The president of the Xunta appears in the images walking towards the camera through an open field in the vicinity of Monte do Gozo, in Santiago de Compostela. Nothing to do with the bar chosen by his Andalusian counterpart, Juan Manuel Moreno, or with the traditional indoor institutional settings that usually accompany this type of message halfway through the festive tradition and institutional advertising.

Informally dressed, jeans and windbreakers with the Xacobeo logo, his words of encouragement and recognition of another hard year have ended around the sculptures of two pilgrims that crown the top of that small hill from which the cathedral is contemplated. from Santiago. Surrounded by nursing personnel, civil protection personnel and users of the Galician health system, Feijóo has shelled arguments that, in short, conclude that the pandemic is a collective success of all citizens in general and of Galicians in particular: “We Galicians are an example of resilience even before that word was invented, “he argued.

On a day in which Galicia once again breaks a record of infections, with almost 6,000 new confirmed cases in just 24 hours, the head of the Galician Government maintains his optimism about the quality of the work to fight the pandemic carried out under his command: ” All Galicians managed to make the mortality rate the lowest in the peninsula and we managed to reduce the impact of the pandemic thanks to ‘sentidiño’ “, he assured.

The Galician baron of the PP has shown his confidence that the economic recovery will come in 2022, which will also be the Xacobeo year: “We are going to take advantage of its full potential,” he concluded.