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Feijóo defends before the PP “the new policy” of “consensus” and away from “ideologies” that Moreno represents

The PP has organized this Tuesday a crowd bath for its leader, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, and the Andalusian president, Juan Manuel Moreno, who achieved a historic absolute majority at the polls on Sunday. with the chords of Glory Days of Bruce Springsteen thundering at the headquarters of number 13 of the Génova street in Madrid, both have entered the meeting of the National Board of Directors after a walk between applause that has extended from the sidewalk to the same room that has housed the highest organ of the party between assemblies. An image that has collided with the requests for “humility” that both have launched later in their respective speeches. Some interventions that have been used to insist on a message: the leadership of the PP wants “consensus”, “moderation” and even “state agreements”.

The absolute majority of the PP in Andalusia stops Vox and leaves the left knocked out

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The first to address the hundreds of PP leaders huddled together on the second floor of Genoa was Moreno, who began by thanking Feijóo. “It is a success for you, for the national leadership and for the entire PP,” he said. “It is a success of the Spaniards who believe that there may be a better future, that politics can be done with other styles and other forms”, he added. “That is personalized by Alberto [Núñez Feijóo] with his style, a very peculiar way of understanding politics, from tolerance and the ability to understand the plurality of Spain”, he stated.

Moreno has assured that the PP has made “history” and has assured that it assumes “the results with more responsibility than euphoria.” And he has quickly returned to the common thread of his speech. “Not everyone thinks like us,” he has said. “We have to find meeting points so that government action is multiplied. We have understood that it is much better to reason serenely, to practice positive pedagogy, than to insult or raise your voice. Society wants political change but with serenity and consideration”, he pointed out.

“The Andalusians endorse the management, but also an inclusive and transversal model”, he has insisted once again. “In the dreams of the Andalusian PP there is room for all Andalusians. As in Spain”, he has left said, to ask his colleagues to have “their feet on the ground”. “In Andalusia you have to act with enormous humility, as in the rest of Spain. As Feijóo has done in Galicia ”, he has exemplified.

“We cannot act unilaterally, make decisions behind the backs of the citizens, we cannot lose our humility”, he requested. “This is a popular political project, of the people, of the middle and working classes. It is a game that has made Spain great and will make Spain great again. We are the people’s party”, he stated, announcing that he is going to “govern as if” they were “in a minority”.

Moreno has made a slight reference to Isabel Díaz Ayuso and has said that the Community of Madrid is “a reference”, but has then encouraged competition between regions. “It is the economic and social locomotive. We want to compete with Madrid in a good way. Competition is healthy. If they attract companies, so do we”, she stated, without saying exactly how she is going to do it.

The Andalusian president has joked about Ayuso: “I have heard that you are going to Miami for companies. I will go too. Now that left-wing populism is being used in Ibero-America, there are many companies that are looking for safe, stable locations. And the president is going to capture those companies.” Moreno has proposed as a competitive advantage that Andalusia has a “beach”.

Feijóo praises the consensus

The slight reference to Ayuso comes after the Number Three of the party, Elías Bendodo, explained on Monday that they were the only ones who “added” to the Andalusian campaign. “The one who added came, and the one who didn’t, didn’t come. Those who joined came. And the president added. And the general secretary was added”, assured Bendodo, until now Moreno’s right-hand man in the Junta de Andalucía.

The general coordinator made, as Feijóo and Moreno have done this Tuesday, a praise of “management”, “moderation” and “common sense”, a speech that confronts the “cultural battle” defended by Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who just yesterday said that He was not going to move “one millimeter” from his proposals.

In his turn, Feijóo has abounded over and over again in the same message. After attacking the “blackmail” of Vox, without citing the extreme right, the national president of the PP has indicated that Moreno campaigned “without insults” in which he prevailed “replacing each disqualification with a proposal.”

The Galician leader has made a defense of “State policy, the policy that adds up, that of consensus”. An idea that collides with the approaches of Ayuso, who replied as soon as Feijóo was elevated that she does not intend to “agree with the disaster, with those who submit the image of the Judiciary”, in reference to the Government.

“It is not old politics, as some intend to disqualify.” “It drinks from the best Spanish politics, the politics of the Transition,” he added. “But nothing is further from reality than talking about ‘old politics’ because it is more current than ever. It is the policy that citizens want”, he pointed out.

“The old politics now is populism, politicians who say nothing and confront. Those who represent the old politics are the ones who lose the elections, they are in decline and decadence. And they are the ones that we are going to replace with good politics, the old politics, the real politics, and not the frivolous politics that we have installed in Spain in recent years”, said Feijóo.

The president of the PP has made a “praising of the new policy that Moreno and the PP represent” because “dialogue and agree is possible” and is preferable to “confront”. “Do not fracture or divide”, he has claimed. “The politics of consensus, which does not insult, which thinks of people much more than ideologies. Politics with capital letters”, he has said.

“Spain is turning the page of frivolity, division, radicalism and minorities,” he predicted. “We have witnessed the triumph of moderation, which is not the same as equidistance. A moderation of words and deed. Helpful politician, who cares about what the majority cares about. That unites the population around common goals and ignores sterile controversies. It is better when you have a great difficulty facing it together”, he settled.

Having said this, Feijóo concluded his speech with a statement: “Spain is not for triumphalism or complacency. We are experiencing a very deep crisis and politics must offer answers and certainties”. Immediately afterwards, the president of the PP was fired with a standing ovation and the first chords of the party’s anthem, a rock version, were played.

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