Monday, May 29

Feijóo describes the Government as “autistic” for its management in the face of the transport strike

The president of the Xunta and future leader of the PP in Spain, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has once again charged against the Government for the stoppage of transport and in other sectors, such as fishing, as a result of the rise in fuel prices. To criticize his response to the protests, he has resorted to a developmental disorder and has called the Executive “autistic”.

Associations working in the field of autism spectrum disorders they are critical with the use of this type of expressions with the intention of disqualifying. In 2013, a guide from the Ministry of Health asked not to use the word as an insult and as bad practices, she cited examples in the press: “With an autistic policy they face the crisis.”

In a day in which trucks and tractors have circulated in protest through several of the main Galician cities and have caused retentions, Feijóo has blamed the central government for the situation and has accused it of being “determined to look for culprits and not solutions”. “I see a general collapse in the government, a very dangerous lack of reflexes,” he said. In his opinion, he is “insulting” those who protest and “receiving disqualifications and insults from a government is setting fire to a conflict that by itself is already on fire.”

The Galician leader has requested that the transport sector conference close an agreement this afternoon. He has also addressed the carriers, whom he has demanded to “let the milk, meat or fish out.” “We cannot produce so much poverty and uncertainty,” he added.