Monday, May 29

Feijóo gives up using ETA in his speech and recovers criticism of Sánchez’s promises in the middle of the campaign

The leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has eliminated from his speech the continuous and almost exclusive references to EH Bildu and ETA. After a week squeezing the presence of various ex-terrorists on the lists of the Basque coalition for the May 28 elections in each of his acts, this Saturday in Seville he has disappeared with a stroke of the pen. Neither he, nor the Andalusian president, Juan Manuel Moreno, nor the local candidate, José Luis Sanz, have emphasized the central rally of the campaign in the community.

Sánchez announces the largest investment in Primary Care in history for a value of 580 million euros


The PP reaches the middle of the campaign as it began: with the results in most of the important squares pending a handful of votes and one eye pending on the post-electoral pacts, which will define the distribution of municipal and regional power that 28M is resolved.

Feijóo’s demoscopy specialists maintain that the controversy over the EH Bildu lists benefits them. But the braking past of Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who is fighting for a complicated absolute majority in Madrid, when she blew up the strategy of her leader and said that “ETA is alive”, has motivated a modulation of her speech.

Only twice has Feijóo mentioned in his entire speech to Bildu, when he has paraphrased the traditional children’s song ‘Let’s tell lies’ to recount the alleged lies of the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, during his tenure.

“I will not govern with Podemos, it will tralara”, “I will not give in to the independence movement, it will tralara”, “I will not agree with Bildu, it will tralara”, “there will be no reduction of sentences for the only yes, it will tralara”, “there will be no pardons to the independentistas, tralará”, “we will maintain the crime of sedition, tralará”, “we will increase the penalties for corruption, tralará”, “we will build thousands of houses, tralará”, “we will recover the neutrality and prestige of the institutions, tralará”, Spain grows more than the other EU countries, tralará“, ”light has risen less than in other countries, tralará“, ”prices are falling in supermarkets, tralará“, ”PSOE manages better, tralará“.

Feijóo has thus replied to Sánchez’s latest announcements on social matters. The last one, this morning in Valencia with Health as the objective.

“Pedro Sánchez needs to rewrite history because he has crossed all possible borders,” said Feijóo. “To justify his pacts with those who wanted to attack the Constitution in Catalonia, he has blamed the Rajoy government. To justify his pacts with Bildu, he has blamed the PP for its anti-terrorist fight, and above all the president’s impeccable [José María] Aznar”, he added.

“It does not have limits. We are going to put the limit between all of us. It is not true what he says. It is false, ”she has raised. “Sánchez has liquidated the PSOE and has transformed it into the ‘Sanchista’ party. He has abandoned the middle classes, the women and the workers”, he said. “To the social majority”, he added, to conclude: “It is time for the majority to abandon Sánchez and those who did nothing to stop him”.

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