Monday, February 26

Feijóo ignores Sánchez’s request for “unity” and downloads the PP’s position in the parliamentary group

The PP maintains uncertainty about whether or not it will support in Congress the royal decree law that includes the anti-crisis measures approved this Tuesday by the Council of Ministers. Neither the parliamentary spokeswoman, Cuca Gamarra, during the debate on the Ukraine crisis that was held this Wednesday in the Lower House, nor the virtual president of the party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, have wanted to mark a position. The future leader of the party, in fact, has unloaded the responsibility on Gamarra. “The PP group has expressed the opinion of the group,” he said. And he has at the same time disassociated himself from the speech of the general coordinator of the party: “There is the scope and content of the position of the parliamentary group.”

Feijóo surprises the PP with a council of advisers “outside the party”

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Feijóo has criticized the economic policy of the Executive this Wednesday at a press conference in Pontevedra. “Inflation around 10% is very bad news for families, workers and companies,” he said, calling the situation “dramatic”. “Something is wrong”, he has said. “The economic policies of this government do not work,” he has specified. “Either it is amended, it is changed intensely, or we can propose patches and not solve the problem”, he assured.

The Galician president has been asked if in this scenario he considers it possible to attend to the request for “unity” in the response to the economic crisis that Pedro Sánchez has launched from the rostrum of Congress. His response has placed the responsibility for the response on Cuca Gamarra. “The PP group has expressed the opinion of the group. That is where the scope and content of the position of the parliamentary group is collected, ”he replied.

Feijóo has not answered what the voting position of the PP will be when Congress has to validate the royal decree law approved on Tuesday by the Government. A fact that will happen when he is already president of the party. The leader has reiterated his criticism of the Executive. “Trying to agree on decisions that are already in the BOE is inappropriate,” he said. “The pacts are made to elaborate the agreements, not to impose the agreements”, he has insisted. Feijóo has pointed out that “despite everything” the party is going “to study in detail what is published in the BOE”. And he has concluded: “The PP as a state party knows the extreme solution we are experiencing, I hope that the Government changes its economic and spending policy. We can talk.”

The future leader of the opposition, who will not be able to debate with Pedro Sánchez in Congress, has thus stated that the Government must modify its policy in order to have the support of the PP. But without expressly saying what he is going to do with the concrete validation of the royal decree law published this Wednesday in the Official State Gazette.

And what has the parliamentary group in which Feijóo has discharged responsibility said? Nothing concrete. The most forceful phrase in the two turns of Gamarra have come in the reply. “If we see that the answers are not the necessary ones, they are not fast or effective, we cannot accompany you”, he concluded.

“You want us to say ‘yes’ to what you do without analyzing the measures, you are getting used to ‘this is lentils'”, he pointed out. “But we can propose measures in another direction so that the country works”, he added, to conclude that “if you want initiatives to correct” the course of economic policy, “here we are”.

In the previous turn, Sánchez had criticized the PP because “they have not seen fit to present not even a single proposal.” “I am hopeful that. As he has not yet told us that he is going to vote against, they can validate this decree law with their votes”, he added.

The lack of definition of the PP comes with the royal decree law already published in the BOE and a day after Feijóo announced an “Office of the President” formed “outside the party” and “parallel to the organic structure”. A council of advisers that nobody knew anything about in the management and that becomes Feijóo’s first formal announcement since he assumed leadership de facto of the PP more than a month ago.