Tuesday, November 29

Feijóo ignores that United We Can lack senators and complains that they do not attend the Plenary

It has not been the best day for Feijóo in the Senate. Either due to the ignorance of the team that advises him, or through his own ignorance, the leader of the opposition and president of the PP has caused the laughter of the senators of the left when, in the presence of Pedro Sánchez, he has reproached that no “deputy” of United Podemos would have attended the government control session this Wednesday. It so happens that United We Can have no senators since May 2021.

“Everybody tries to escape. I have already noticed that the deputies of Podemos are not even here ”, Feijóo said. Words that have been collected with a silence of disbelief that has immediately been broken by thunderous laughter from the benches of the left. So thunderous that the president of the Upper House, Ander Gil, has had to call a senator to order.

Faced with the jocular commotion, the leader of the PP has tried to redirect the situation by qualifying his words. “The deputies and deputies ministers of Podemos are not here. Is that okay with you? ”, He said, addressing Pedro Sánchez.

The last senator from United We Can left her seat in May 2021. She was Sara Vil, from En Comú Podem, appointed by regional designation by the Parliament of Catalonia.

In the Upper House he belonged to the Confederal Left Group, which today is made up of Más Madrid, Compromís, Geroa Bai, Més per Mallorca and Agrupación Socialista Gomera.

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