Wednesday, July 6

Feijóo, in the Ayuso Congress: “We have worried too much about internal issues”

The ‘day one’ of Isabel Díaz Ayuso at the head of the Popular Party of Madrid has begun with a warning to navigators. “The center right cannot run away from problems”, she has claimed during the closing of the congress from which she has emerged enthroned and under the gaze of the national leader, Alberto Núñez Feijóo. He had bet a few minutes before and from the same tribune to focus on the economy: “I want a Spain that is a leader in growth, job creation and competitiveness, with less debt and deficit and more work and well-being.” In a more ideological speech, she demanded to “defend principles and ideas” to confront “communism, populism and tyrannies” and demonstrate that the result of last May 4 “was not the flower of a day.”

Feijóo arrived at the IFEMA pavilion this Saturday aware that “Madrileños do not like impositions”. Ayuso has shown it in recent months, in his internal war with Pablo Casado, to which this weekend he has put the finishing touch to his victory. Her former president and friend, who placed her at the head of the lists for the Community in 2019, had not even been invited to the conclave and only the former secretary general of the PP in Madrid, Ana Camins, dared in these two days to mention her Name. Neither did Feijóo. “We have worried too much about internal issues and that is why I am not going to spend a second on it,” justified the new national leader, who has acknowledged that “this congress had been pending for too long.” “Expanding on it is an exercise in nostalgia that leads nowhere,” he has said.

“The PP opens a new stage today and I am convinced that it will be a brilliant stage,” said Feijóo, who also pointed out that now “Isabel and her team are freer to make Madrid freer.” The president of the PP has recognized differences with the Madrilenian. “We are different generations, with different formations and trajectories” but with things in common: “The left blames us for all the ills and I think that is great news,” he said. That both have different tones is not a secret and it has become clear this Saturday, in which the national leader has given the closing tone to Ayuso: “I have asked him to intervene before her. Why? This is the PP Congress in Madrid”, he explained. Also, because at the exit he had to go to close the one of the PP of Galicia, which is also celebrated this weekend and in which his successor, Alfonso Rueda, will be named.

A “totalitarian agenda”

Ayuso, for his part, has insisted that “the worst are the politicians who think that the problems do not go with them”. During her speech, the Madrid president has been unraveling the main ideas with which she has spent weeks truffing her speeches: that “socialism does not work” and that the central government “as it becomes smaller before the Spaniards and before the world, more it is brutalized”. Following this statement, Ayuso stated that “Spain is being parasitized by the same totalitarian agenda as the entire West”. “Talking about life and prosperity today is not progressive,” she has said.

“They are making a new twisted world to cover up the real world,” he defended. “We find ourselves in the worst moment, with the worst government we have had in a democracy” that acts “under one principle: either with me or against me.” “We do not know at what point a part of the left has decided to return to a divided country, to revive the two Spains and end coexistence and reopen the wounds that the exemplary Spanish Transition healed,” said Ayuso.

The new president of the PP in Madrid has charged against environmental, feminist and pro-diversity policies: “They are simply the new collectivism,” she said. “It is not the love for animals that moves most anti-bullfighting, but the hatred that the Spanish have cultural roots.” “It is not the concern for the environment, but the hatred of the free market.” “It is not the interest in fighting against homophobic behavior or respect for transsexuals that motivates them, it is the artificial division into ten sexes and the confusion of the youngest that encourages them to divide and confront men with women”, has listed.

Ayuso has charged against the “Podemos” ministries that are “the shame of Europe”, but he has especially referred to the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero. “A lady who gives us lessons in feminism while her greatest political success is being ‘the partner of'”, she has attacked to criticize proposals from “spoiled who aspire to arrive sunbathe and drunk” and that “embarrass the vast majority of women”, such as sick leave due to painful periods. Along the same lines, he has criticized “abortion without reflection”. “It is not the fight of violence against women that stimulates them, but rather that of resentment against men,” he accused.

While Ayuso criticized that “the friends of terrorism, of the narco-dictatorships, of the populist dictatorships are in the central government”, Feijóo agreed that the country “suffers from an Executive that is not prepared, weak and divided”, but affirmed: “While let’s talk about their division, we won’t talk about the problems of the Spanish”. “I am here to improve my country, its politics, its economy and its institutions,” said the PP leader. Two speeches loaded with criticism of Pedro Sánchez’s Executive, but with totally opposing tones and different bets: one more ideological and the other more technical.

“We, by experience and by reception, are obliged to defend principles and ideas. To confront populism, communism and tyrannies. To correct the gentlemen of the left who impose on us how to feel as women and give us political lessons to those of us who are not of their rope, with condescension ”, Ayuso defended before a dedicated audience. “I am not resigned. Just as bad is the one who looks for problems because he is foolish or resentful, as the one who runs away from them because he is a coward or a lazy one, ”he asserted. “The PP has to leave its mark, that of its convictions and ideas in the construction and defense of reality.”

“The center right cannot run away from problems no matter how much work they give”, he insisted to bet on “defending a way of life, the one that has brought the greatest proportions of prosperity, understanding and freedom throughout history”. “We are a Nation without which the West would not understand itself. Cuba is a dictatorship. Public services are paid for with the taxes generated by employment and if they are high they are confiscatory and discourage”, he has said.

Ayuso has also criticized a “communism” that “from an alleged moral superiority frivolizes abortion without reflection, as if it were progress and tells us that joints are freedom and ETA, invention.” “They want to change the chronological order of history. ETA is past and Franco, raging today”, he assured. “It is the new left of Madrid, which was passed from the list on May 4”, he stated before assuring that “Madrid is not classist and does not distinguish by pocket or origin”. According to Cáritas, 1.5 million people are in a situation of social exclusion in the region.

Another of the messages that Ayuso has left in this Congress is that “Madrid is a counterweight”: “It is not a terroir to which nothing has to matter what happens in other corners of the country.” Feijóo, for his part, has defended that both believe “in the same thing”. “We both believe that politics is served and not served. That politics is about managing general interests above governments. We both believe in a policy in which the objective we have is to get it right, we believe that the institutions have to contribute to the improvement of the economy, social cohesion and the well-being of citizens”.