Friday, July 1

Feijóo increased his assets by more than 600,000 euros in two years

The president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has declared before the Senate a patrimony of 930,972 euros in current accounts, deposits, shares and funds. In his last statement before the Galician Parliament, presented in 2019, Feijóo reported a significantly lower amount: 319,593 euros. A difference of 611,379 that his team explains by the sale of a house that was built in Moaña (Pontevedra) during the past decade and that he sold in 2021 for an amount that he has not made public. In the same years, in addition, Feijóo contracted a mortgage of 238,000 euros that he has already settled.

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The former president of the Xunta took office as a senator on May 24. A day later, he registered in the Upper House the pertinent statement of assets and income. According to the data that he himself provides, Feijóo received in 2021 his usual salary as president of the Xunta (85,601 euros per year), as well as a real estate yield of 5,119 euros, derived from a rental of a home in Madrid that in previous statements before the Galician Parliament amounted to about 12,000 euros per year.

The president of the PP records a “capital gain” of 183,861 euros. And a personal income tax settlement of 69,291 euros.

In the part of having, Feijóo has accumulated investments in these years. According to his declaration before the Senate, the president of the PP has 156,613 euros in his current account and a term deposit of 50,807 euros. In addition, he has 97 shares of Telefónica (valued at 455 euros as of May 23) and 2,500 shares of Inditex (51,050 euros). The assets are completed with an investment fund in Abanca of 481,500 euros and a pension plan of 190,547 euros.

In total, his declared assets amount to 930,972 euros. In its 2020 asset register before the Galician Parliament, the last one presented, it reported a deposit of 143,796 euros and a pension plan of 175,797. Nothing more. In total, 319,593 euros. The same as in April 2021 declared as president of the Xunta.

What did appear in the 2020 declaration was a “housing loan” of 238,000 contracted on December 31, 2018 and of which, according to this declaration before the Galician Parliament, would not have amortized anything. The same figure is repeated in the declaration as president published in April 2021: 238,000 euros.

The other mortgage declared in previous years, dating from 2001, was settled in 2019. That year, Feijóo bought a house and a garage in Vigo, as well as another in Madrid, where he had moved to work as president of the Post Office and before Insalud.

It is the house in which, according to his collaborators, he now resides, back in Madrid. has contacted the Feijóo team, which explains the increase in assets due to the sale of a house in the coastal town of Moaña, in Pontevedra. A PP spokesman assures that the president of the party bought land on which he built the house, which he disposed of in 2021 for a price that he has not disclosed.

Effectively, The voice of Galicia published in 2015 that Feijóo was going to build a house in Moaña for a price of 215,000 euros according to the project presented. The plot would be 1,400 square meters, always according to this medium. The house would have 354 square meters on three floors, with a “33 meter” swimming pool, two 85 square meter terraces, garage and laundry, among other services.

Feijóo sets December 2017 as the date of acquisition of the house in Moaña, according to data published by the Parliament of Galicia, although in no statement does he record the cadastral value of the house, alleging that it is pending valuation. In the one that he presented in 2020 he does not appear either, and in the Senate one he is no longer there, having been sold in the period between the two.

From the Feijóo team, in addition, they justify the savings in that their expenses during the Presidency of the Xunta have been very low since they have had an official residence and car, in addition to the daily allowances for the exercise of their position.