Thursday, July 29

Feijóo places his cousin, Eloína Núñez, in the direction of the PP of Galicia

Alberto Núñez Feijóo faces a Congress this weekend that will revalidate him in command of the Galician PP for the next four years. Undoubtedly regarding his victory, since no one has presented himself as an alternative, Feijóo has proposed this Friday the list of names proposed to be part of the leadership of the political formation and that will be approved by vote this Saturday. Among the 20 members of the Autonomous Board of Directors, the Galician baron of the PP has included his cousin, Eloína Núñez Masip.

A cousin of Feijóo, a senior official in the Xunta, sets fire to health workers by blaming them for spreading the coronavirus for attending medical congresses

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Eloína Núñez was a councilor for the Popular Party in the Ourense City Council and with Feijóo at the head of the Xunta she managed to take an important position in Galician health, the management of the Sanitary Area of ​​Santiago. During the management of the coronavirus, the name of the president’s cousin jumped to the headlines of the newspapers in the key of controversy.

The health leader in June 2020 blamed health workers for the spread of the virus and argued that their attendance at medical congresses and coffee breaks were behind the increase in infections in hospitals.

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