Sunday, March 26

Feijóo positions himself on Ayuso’s side and asks the PP leadership to be “up to the circumstances”

The president of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, is used to choosing ambiguity and leaving statements to read between the lines when the waters go down in turmoil in his party. But on this occasion he has taken sides and has placed himself on the side of his colleague Isabel Díaz Ayuso, president of the Community of Madrid, locked in a war with the national leadership that has just manifested itself in the form of a crossroads of accusations: the environment of Ayuso speaks of espionage to the president and in Genoa they say they suspect that his brother, Tomás Díaz Ayuso, charged a commission for mediating between the Community of Madrid and a company awarded a contract.

Ayuso admits that his brother received from the company to which his Government awarded a 1.5 million finger contract

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Feijóo, one of the barons with the most weight in the PP, has made a reading of the facts in an internal and party key and has asked Genoa to be “up to the circumstances”. As for a possible bite, he assures that, with the information he has, he is not “concerned”. He cited the law on public contracts and declared himself “convinced” that the rules have been met in this case. “If not, explanations would have to be given,” he added. And he questioned that “every time there is an economic movement” the “honorability” of politicians and of those who, having some relationship with them, work with the public sector, are questioned. The case involving Ayuso, his brother, the company of a friend of both and a contract of 1.5 million euros at this point does not seem “very worrying” under this focus.

Internally, the message is different: “I do have a certain concern about the organic situation that the PP is experiencing in Madrid. It is raining on wet and we have been dealing with an issue for several months that should be resolved through the normal organic channels of the party and not by very surprising information. Feijóo conveys to the leadership of his party that, if there are problems between them and the PP in Madrid, “they must be resolved intelligently and not, of course, causing any fire.”

His request is for calm to reign, which he considers “should always be a pattern of behavior, whether there are problems or not.” “Calmness, objective analysis and intelligence I think are necessary matters to manage any type of organic incidence in the PP”, he insisted. Since the morning, Feijóo had been upset by the information about the accusations of espionage against Ayuso and asked for explanations. He used harsh words in this regard: “If someone has been hired, it seems unheard of. And, also, it is inexcusable that we are wasting time on this. It is not appropriate to hire any private investigator to investigate any colleague. Let’s see what are the explanations”.

The Galician president insists that he finds it “implausible” that an investigator has been hired to verify information that “is published in the transparency portal of the Community of Madrid.” “The information that is given does not fit. I do not understand it and I do not share it. In the event that it were so – that someone ordered to spy on Ayuso – there will be someone responsible. If someone ordered an investigation of a party colleague, who is also president of an autonomous community, it must explain why and assume its responsibility”.

He has not commented on whether someone should resign now and has asked to wait to know the details that are given in the next few days: “I hope and wish that calm, common sense and a certain criterion of being up to the circumstances will return. Spain does not deserve a discussion like the one we are experiencing today.”