Saturday, March 2

Feijóo proposes removing the wolf from protected species so that farmers can “defend their animals”

The leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has proposed this Monday a package of measures to help the rural environment, such as removing the wolf from the list of protected species, improving infrastructure, reviewing the Strategic Plan of the Common Agrarian Policy (PAC) or lower VAT on meat

In this way, he wanted to underline the “commitment” of the PP to the rural environment, after visiting a cattle farm in the Cantabrian municipality of Ruesga, accompanied by the candidate for the regional Presidency, María José Sáenz de Buruaga, and the local candidate, David Setién .

The package of measures that Feijóo plans begins by removing the wolf from the list of protected species, with the aim, he said, of reducing attacks on livestock. “The wolf yes, but not like this”, he has proclaimed, to complain that farmers are not allowed to “defend their animals”, such as “cows, lambs, sheep or goats”, which “are being sacrificed by the wolf”.

Feijóo has also proposed a review of the CAP Strategic Plan and the need to lower VAT on meat, fish and preserves. As he has said, Spain is “in the moment of greatest European funds and in the least moment of funds for rural areas.” “We have lost 5,000 million euros in the common agricultural policy, in the CAP, for this year 2023”, he added.

Likewise, the leader of the Popular Party has affirmed that in the rural world “public services and infrastructures are fundamental, not only road or rail, but also Internet infrastructures”.

Thus, he has affirmed that the chief of the Executive only approaches the rural with air visits in Falcon. “I know that President Sánchez does not know the rural and perhaps he does not know the rural first because he has not lived in it. And what is more serious, perhaps because he does not like it, but you cannot be President of the Government without knowing the peoples of Spain well and you cannot be the General Secretary of a party without that party having equality concerns and priorities. real and effective of the citizens”, he stated.

On the contrary, Feijóo has stressed that for the PP “rural Spain is the real Spain” and has recalled that he was born and grew up in a village in Galicia and that as president of the Xunta he always showed his commitment to the rural world.

A Ministry of Agriculture that “paints less and less”

But the leader of the PP has also charged against the Ministry of Agriculture: “It looks less and less”, he said. “Look if the Ministry of Agriculture doesn’t even manage the Agri-Food Part,” said Feijóo, adding that it is a “second-class” ministry and that in the Sánchez government there are ministers who send the message that “farmers They are slaveholders.”

In his speech, the head of the opposition has also assured that his party will guarantee the provision of quality public services in rural areas, especially health, care and education, and that it will implement rural housing plans and rehabilitation policies to help people who want to settle in those areas.

“We have to give fiscal incentives to citizens who return to live in rural areas and we have to specify housing policies in rural areas and, above all, policies for the rehabilitation of houses that are falling apart because taxes and the difficulties of living in rural areas do not they benefit”, he stated, to insist that “perhaps President Sánchez knows the rural area from his flights from the Falcon”.

Feijóo, who has said that it is “excellent news” that it rains in some parts of Spain despite suffering “inclement water” on this visit, has indicated that the lack of hydraulic infrastructure is “putting livestock in a bind” and agriculture in Spain. And he has criticized once again that the Government has not decided to take action until the electoral campaign has begun, alluding to the extraordinary Council of Ministers last Thursday.