Monday, August 15

Feijóo questions the solidity of the Government to promote a rise in defense spending

The leader of the Popular Party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has questioned the solidity of the Government to promote an increase in defense spending such as the one that the president, Pedro Sánchez, has proposed within the framework of the celebration of the 40th NATO summit in Madrid . Feijóo accused Sánchez of proposing “the highest defense budget in the history of Spain.” And he did it during a rally-party near Santiago in which most of his speech focused on glossing the horrors of inflation and ensuring that “Spain is in a critical economic situation.”

At no time did he clarify whether the Popular Party would support this increase in the military bill and he complained about the treatment received by his formation every time he offers a yes to his opponent: “A part of the Government insults the PP for supporting the Government in the pacts on National security. The same government that organizes the NATO thing organizes a demonstration against NATO. It must be recognized that they do not leave room for the opposition”.

Only a day before, the PP deputy secretary, Esteban González Pons, had already questioned the PP’s vote for this increase with a “we’ll see if we save soldier Sánchez.”

The words of the president of the PP were applauded by the four thousand people who, according to the organization, gathered in the Carballeira de A Madalena, in the Coruña municipality of O Pino. From the lectern, Feijóo assured that it was Rajoy who made it possible for the NATO summit to celebrate its birthday in Madrid, accused Sánchez of having become “the worst student in the class” and reeled off a story in which his training interprets the main role of the defense of those below, pressured by inflation“. Among the phrases worked on with his team that Feijóo emphasized the following: “The only economic power that Sánchez finds uncomfortable is the purchasing power of the Spanish.”

And it is that the Galician politician has spent weeks going around the argument that the Government “failed in the diagnosis” of the economic situation, could prevent inflation and did not do it and by the time he took measures it was too late and the measures were few or copied from the P.P. Faced with this situation, the conservative politician assures that “it is disrespectful to have the most expensive government in the history of democracy” and proposes that citizens “be returned the extra money they are paying”.

Before Feijóo spoke the vice president of the Xunta, Diego Calvo and the president, Alfonso Rueda. But the people had not come to see them. This was made clear during Feijóo’s arrival at the event. He could barely walk without shaking hands, giving a hug, taking a selfie or trying to listen to the half dozen people who came out of nowhere and suddenly were whispering something in his ear. It is the first time after the pandemic that the PP organizes this political party that is reminiscent of those that Manuel Fraga invented in his day to concern the voters of scattered Galicia. “There are infantry here,” said Feijóo, referring to the four thousand people who bought the ticket that allows them to attend the event and includes a portion of empanada, octopus and a plate of ao caldeiro meat in the price.