Thursday, July 29

Feijóo revalidates his leadership in Galicia for the fifth time with the support of 98.3% from the PPdeG

The head of ranks of the popular Galicians, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has revalidated his leadership in the PPdeG this Saturday for the fifth time with the support of 98.3% of the slightly more than 800 delegates who traveled to the Compostela Multiusos do Sar in a congress marked by the pandemic, and in which, adding the guests, more than 1,100 attendees were exceeded, a much smaller capacity than is usual in this type of PPdeG appointments.

Feijóo retreats to Galicia and re-elects himself in front of Ayuso’s long shadow

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Of the total votes cast, 801 delegates have said yes to Feijóo’s candidacy, the only one that was presented. However, there have also been 14 blank votes and one void.

With hardly any unknowns in an organic key, the president had revealed the set of his new direction, in which Miguel Tellado from Ferrol repeats as general secretary, this Friday, in which he managed to summon most of the autonomous barons of his party in Galicia . The message for a photo that claimed the diversity of the party compatible with unity, Feijóo sent a message: “We are all the PP of Spain.”

Feijóo also took advantage of the last day, already in an autonomic key, to proclaim that he was presented with the challenge of the municipalities in the focus – he has added numerous municipal profiles in his candidacy – and also, when the generals are called, to help Pablo Casado to arrive at La Moncloa.

There was no express commitment, however, to be the candidate for the Xunta in 2024, although many Galician leaders have even asked him publicly this Saturday. His re-election this Saturday would shield him for it, but Feijóo has avoided making it explicit in his various interventions and despite being expressly asked when he presented the endorsements.

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