Monday, October 18

Feijóo revives the debate on the most voted list in the face of the difficulty of the PP to reach absolute majorities with the irruption of new forces

The evolution of politics in the last decade in Spain has been fragmenting the vote and, with the appearance of new acronyms, it has become difficult for a party to reach an absolute majority. In this context, the president of the Galician PP and the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has once again raised the debate on legislating to govern the most voted list. He has done so at the opening of his party’s convention in Santiago, before his head of ranks, Pablo Casado, and former president Mariano Rajoy, and after some recent polls, such as the GAD3 in July, predicted that the PP would be the most voted party, but without enough drive to reach the government without the support of other forces.

The PP of Feijóo: an electoral hegemony that is not so much

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The request is not new, but Feijóo has put it back on the table at a time when the Galician PP has just closed the processes to elect its provincial leaders. There have been no surprises, the four provincial presidents have revalidated the position with percentages of support that have exceeded 96% in all cases. The provincial congresses have been held with an eye toward electoral appointments. The closest are the municipal elections of 2023. From the previous local elections, the Galician PP came out controlling only one of the provincial councils – that of Ourense – and none of the mayors of the seven main cities. The largest town hall in their hands is that of Arteixo, with just over 30,000 inhabitants.

The municipal governments referred to the head of the Galician PP to ask again for a reform of the electoral law. In the elections this Sunday in Portugal, Carlos Moedas, from the Social Democratic Party, was the winner and will access the government with 34.25% of the votes. “The Portuguese went to bed knowing who would be their mayor: the most voted,” he said. But if that result had been achieved by the PP, its candidate “would not be mayor.” If it were from the PSOE, yes, “he added.

The Galician baron has defended that, if the most voted list in Spain governed, “political frivolity” would be avoided and the country would be “one of the strongest governance in the EU. Feijóo took the opportunity to also send a message in internal key with which he has supported a previous intervention by former president Mariano Rajoy. He has asked Pablo Casado that the PP “not fall into the traps” of populism. “Populism is a childish regression of politics,” he said. He has recommended his colleagues in the ranks flee from “nostalgic postulates” and “mistrust towards European institutions.” “We are not interested in teasing”, he told them.

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