Tuesday, May 24

Feijóo says he does not know what salary he will put himself in the Popular Party

Alberto Núñez Feijóo claims not to know what salary he is going to give himself as president of the Popular Party when he stops receiving the salary of 83,381 euros that he included in his last declaration of activities in 2020 before the Parliament of Galicia. The leader of the PP will lose his payroll in a matter of weeks and his job prospects go through the possibility of receiving money from two payers: the Popular Party and the Senate, where he could opt for a regional appointment position.

To the direct question about the thickness of the payroll that awaits him in Genoa 13, Feijóo assured this Thursday that he does not know what money will enter his checking account each month from now on. “The truth is that I didn’t ask. So I will ask what salary my predecessor had, ”he assured in reference to Pablo Casado. The striking thing is that Feijóo seems to forget that his salary is decided by himself and that those who have preceded him in office have received very different amounts ranging from the 50,000 euros per year that Casado received from the political formation to the 200,000 euros that he received Rajoy before reaching the presidency of the Government.

The salary that the parties pay their leaders becomes an opaque issue when they are not members of a parliament that requires a declaration of assets and activities as an obligatory requirement for the exercise of political activity. If Feijóo decides to gain a foothold in the Senate, occupying one of the three autonomous appointment seats that correspond to Galicia, he will have to clarify his cache for occupying the chair previously occupied by Casado.

The advantage for Feijóo of receiving a salary from the Senate is that he could make it compatible with the party’s payroll. With this payment accumulation formula, Rajoy received almost a quarter of a million euros gross in 2011 for his political work. Things changed when he arrived in Moncloa, since the position of Prime Minister prevents him from receiving any payment apart from the one related to those functions. Today Pedro Sánchez receives 86,542 euros per year.

In addition to the two previous ways, the leader of the PP has another possibility in Galicia to guarantee himself a wage. For this, it would be enough for him to request a position in the Consultative Council of Galicia as an ex officio member, something to which the former presidents of the Xunta are entitled. It would be almost 70,000 euros of annual salary but with the inconvenience that this position would force him to participate in the plenary sessions that this institution holds with some regularity and participate in sections such as the one in charge of preparing studies and reports on different matters of regional scope. Without ruling out that Feijóo ends up occupying a chair in that body, nobody from his team seems to bet a lot on this happening.

In the next few hours, Feijóo will make his resignation public, after first notifying the president of the Galician Parliament. It is at that moment when the succession mechanism will be activated, which involves the organization of a round of consultations with the parliamentary spokespersons to finally reach an agreement to set an investiture date on the name that everyone already knows: Alfonso Rueda. Until that investiture takes place, both Feijóo and his minister will continue to lead their positions but in office. When Rueda is elected, the positions and salaries will disappear. A new payroll awaits Feijóo in Genoa, which he says he knows nothing about at the moment.


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