Sunday, February 5

Feijóo says that Sánchez “has no limits” in his “assault” on the institutions and asks him to call early elections

The opposition leader, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, considers that there should be early elections immediately, before the municipal ones in May. In an interview For the newspaper El Mundo, the president of the PP has affirmed that the Government “has no limits” and is committing an “assault” on the Constitutional Court with decisions that go “against” the basic principles of the Magna Carta.

PSOE and UP correct the crime of embezzlement proposed by ERC and propose a new type that lowers the sentence to 4 years

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Feijóo acknowledges that it took him a sleepless night to make the decision to demand immediate general elections, at a time when his party is beginning to notice a decline in the polls, after the summer rush. On Friday, however, the leader of the PP noted that “the situation in the country is no longer enough.” “Spain is currently upside down because Sánchez has made the decision to take control of the institutions from the Government. Can you go one step further now? I can’t imagine it, ”he said.

During the interview, Feijóo has drawn a scenario of democratic regression that follows the line of inflated statements by right-wing leaders that have occurred since Friday, when the Government presented the amendments to the reform of the Penal Code that is being processed in the Congress of Deputies. This reform will serve, according to the Executive’s plans, to unravel the blockade that the PP maintains on the Constitutional Court and to convert the crime of sedition into an aggravated crime of public disorder. ERC for its part has presented a series of amendments to reduce the crime of embezzlement when there is no personal enrichment.

The opposition leader sees, on the other hand, an unprecedented moment in Spain, which he puts at the level of events such as the coup d’état of 1981. “We are in an unprecedented situation, with a government that has no limits and with a president who lacks of the most elementary senses of State. Yes, indeed, we are in a situation that I do not remember. I remember the coup of 81, the decades of ETA lead and the declaration of independence in 2017 in Catalonia, but I do not remember the takeover and the intervention of the judiciary, ”he says during the conversation with the Unidad Editorial newspaper.

“In this context, with various reasons for unconstitutionality in the assault on the Constitutional Court, I believe that the time has come to request early elections now,” insisted the president of the party that has been blocking the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary for four years. years.

Feijóo thinks that “Sánchez” is using a “spurious parliamentary technique” to amend the Organic Law of the Judiciary for the third or fourth time: “He coerces judges by saying that they will incur criminal responsibilities, and steals powers from the Constitutional Court. And he releases corrupt politicians from their responsibilities and unprotects the State by repealing the crime of sedition. “Everything is aimed at the government facilitating a referendum [de independencia en Catalunya] which he will call advisory. It took me a night of reflection to say that I think it is time to ask for early elections ”, he predicted.

The popular leader also acknowledges that he does not have the numbers for a motion of censure, as Vox requests, so an initiative of these characteristics would only benefit the Executive. “If there was the slightest hint that a motion of censure would prosper, the PP would respond within 24 hours. What does not seem intelligent to me is to whitewash all these legal modifications and give a parliamentary victory to the Government and its pro-independence partners”, he has settled, to qualify the proposal of the extreme right, which has urged a motion with a “neutral” candidate, of a “pretty intense political naivete”.