Sunday, March 26

Feijóo signs his resignation as president of the PP of Galicia without resolving his succession in the political formation

The president of the Xunta and candidate to lead the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has signed this Wednesday his resignation as president of the PP of Galicia, a resignation that will become effective as of April 1, when he will be proclaimed leader of the formation at the National Congress to be held in Seville.

Specifically, the statutes of the formation state that it is not possible to combine the leadership of the party at the state level with that of the organization in Galicia. “I renounce the honor of being president of the PP of Galicia, but I maintain the pride of continuing to be a member of this party in the land where I was born and which has given me everything I have, and for which I will continue working from the new responsibility that I assume. at the national level”, collects the letter in which Feijóo addresses his party colleagues and which the PPdeG has reported.

The resignation communicated by letter must now be assumed by the governing bodies of the Galician PP. Ahead of the task of replacing Feijóo organically, a job that is pending resolution. For the time being, the general secretary of the Galician political formation, Miguel Tellado, will assume command of the party. In the PP they have wanted to flee from formats such as the appointment of a manager or similar formulas that can imply the power vacuum that remains after the aspirations of the one who now rises to the state league to replace Pablo Casado in the main chair of Genoa 13.

Feijóo continues as president of the Xunta and on this point there is no news in sight. His claim, as his team assures, is to maintain that position for a while until the Galician right can channel a comprehensive succession that at the moment seems distant and without signs of construction.