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Feijóo warns the PP a week after 28M: “We are not going to have another opportunity”

“We’re not going to get another chance.” The leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has used the central rally of the election campaign on May 28, held this Sunday in Valencia, to harangue his followers and demand the “useful vote” around their candidates. The latest surveys published this weekend, both in the Valencian Country and in other communities, anticipate a very tight result. So much so that the ‘finish’ photo can be chosen by a handful of votes. “We don’t take anything for granted. Nothing is won and nothing is lost”, said Feijóo, who has alerted his team: “We are not going to have another chance”.

Díaz Ayuso breaks into the Basque campaign to insist that ETA is still alive and that EH Bildu is outlawed


“Do not think that the vote is just a piece of paper”, he pointed out in his speech. “Let’s think about the role we want our vote to have. And for that it is essential to unite the vote around the PP ”, he has linked. “If you want change, vote. And if you want change, concentrate the vote on the PP ”, he has raised, to ensure that those who do not do so, and choose another option from the right, will be making a mistake. “You have to get the vote right, we have been suffering the consequences of a harmful, childish, chaotic, irresponsible, ineffective policy for minorities for five years.”

“I know that there are liberal and centrist people who were excited about the Ciudadanos project at the time,” he pointed out, in an almost unprecedented explicit reference to the parties with which the PP shares space. And he added: “I know that there are Vox voters who want strong governments and committed to our country”, to conclude: “I know that there are socialist voters who are ashamed of the course of their country and the fraudulent use of their party”.

The elections on May 28 will distribute all the local power and a good part of the regional power in Spain. And they will set the board on which the general elections scheduled for December will be held. “On Sunday the majority will speak,” Feijóo assured. “And the polls will speak with clarity, precision and determination,” he added, in one of those phrases that politicians sometimes regret.

Feijóo has once again tiptoed over the great controversy that dominated the first week of the campaign, the electoral lists of EH Bildu. Like on Saturday in Seville, the leader of the PP has barely mentioned the Basque coalition twice, and not once to ETA. “If you are outraged by ‘sanchismo’ and that it does not break with Bildu, vote”, he said, almost in passing.

The Galician has repeated the ‘hit’ that he prepared for the event with Juan Manuel Moreno, based on the children’s song ‘Vamos a contar mentiras’. After his speech, they played the anthem of the Community, the anthem of Spain and, closing ‘Libre’, by Nino Bravo.

Mazón and Catalá appeal “to the useful vote for the PP”

The PP has opted for a classic for the central meeting of the electoral campaign, the bullring of Valencia. Several thousand people (up to 10,000) have packed the open part of the venue for almost two hours before the rally started. A convocation success that is nothing more than something common in PP campaigns, and even in party events.

Feijóo has dedicated the start of his speech to congratulate the Valencian PP for the great deal. “This will end in victory and instead,” he said, after comparing Sunday’s with an act starring

In September 2021 Pablo Casado put the same people who attended the Feijóo act in the Valencia bullring. He also thanked Mazón for the fill. Five months later, the man from Madrid was ousted by his fellow party members. And they put the Galician in his place.

The PP candidate for the city of Valencia, María José Catalá, has spun an energetic speech in which she has not once mentioned specific municipal policies. Catalá has tiptoed through the city’s problems, and she has devoted a good part of her speech to defending the candidate for the Generalitat, Carles Mazón, and Feijóo.

Catalá has made an identity discourse. “The Valencian is respected”, he said. “Valencia is bravery”, he pointed out. A city “loyal, at the service of Spain, facing nationalism”, she added, to settle: “Spain is our mother, we do not want nationalism”. The municipal candidate of the PP has criticized the “legislative bungling” of the Government of Pedro Sánchez, with “the worst law for women”. “We don’t want terrorists either. We do not want Bildu nor do we want pacts with terrorism. We do not want it ”, she has raised. Catalá has asked for the vote to “defeat Sanchismo” and “make Mazón president.”

The candidate for the Generalitat, Carles Mazón, has taken the stage below. Both are played all next Sunday in a handful of votes. The polls, all, point to a tie between the PP and Vox, whom no one has mentioned throughout the event, and the left in the Government, with the PSPV, Compromís and Unidas Podemos.

Mazón has starred in a histrionic speech, more shouted than declaimed, with some more reference to specific policies than her predecessor on stage. The man from Alicante has defended a general reduction in taxes (from the purchase of housing to “zero taxes for the countryside” and has called for “removing ideology from schools”, to immediately promise a ‘law of identity signs’ so that “no one say more than “Valencians are “something else, ‘paisos’ of nothing”. “We are Spanish first division, we do not need another history and another language. This is what Spain needs, the bullring of Valencia. The beginning of the end of sanchismo”.

Mazón and Catalán have appealed for the useful vote and “concentrate efforts on the only party that can open the doors to change, the PP.”

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